Popular Essay Topic Choice

I’m a rising Senior, currently working on my personal statement. The topic I’m picking is a pretty popular one, is there any advice for me to stand out while writing a topic that’s often, picked by many students? (Also, I’m applying using the common app for anyone wondering…)

If that is the case (popular topic), I think you should consider whether or not there are other more obscure topics that could work.

If you really want to use this common topic, it should hook the reader within the first paragraph, be a unique take on the topic, etc. Otherwise, the admissions might skim it over because they’ve already read X number of essays about Y topic.

If you are choosing to do something like sports, Covid19, or something else you already put in your ECs, try to stay clear since most people have gone through these things as well and it doesn’t make it a unique experience to YOU.