Portability, battery, and a bit of gaming on the side?

<p>Alright so heres my situation. I'm planning on bringing my desktop to my dorm for all my extensive work/hardcore gaming (hoping it wont prove too socially destructive) but I really want a laptop that can handle lighter games like sc2, still be pretty light, portable, and have a battery that could last like 4 hours doing basic word processing/netsurfing. </p>

<p>I've looked at some asus laptops, a brand that i definitely trust, and it seems like if I finally find one with good price and specs that its battery sucks or if i find one with good battery and specs it weighs a ton. Are there any really well rounded laptops out there, preferably asus or acer?</p>

<p>GPUs take up a lot of power so you probably won't find anything remotely close to 4 hours if you want to game.</p>

<p>like the post above, graphics intensive programs and games take a ton of power to use and eat up battery quickly. you may want to see about some of the mid-high end sony vaios that have a Nvidia discreet graphics that can turn themselves off when not being used and help extend battery life. May not give you 4 hours, but models with that type of technology are your best bet.</p>