Portal Hoaxes / Speculation / Astrology

Move this if this is in the wrong category, but could we do something about portal hoaxes in the college threads? They don’t really benefit anybody who engages in them.


I think they are trying. You now need to wait 5 minutes between posts in the Berkeley thread. That said, although they usually are hoaxes, I think this one is true.

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I wasn’t specifically referring to Berkeley (this happened last week with San Diego and with some other schools too), but I’m glad they’re taking measures. I don’t think deep into hoaxes because I have other stuff to do, but I come here to look for info often, and it gets drowned out by those hundreds of posts that cause anxiety to people who are already worried about not going to college.

I totally understand. And I bet you are going to college. And I think they go nuts on the portal hoax stuff out of stress

The individual colleges threads are an open forum. As long as it does not violate ToS, the content is allowed. I try to tell users that these “tricks” are an urban legend, to no avail. Oh well.

General nastiness and fake acceptances are rules violations, and your can flag if the mods don’t see first.


That’s fair, I guess I don’t have a right to say they shouldn’t. Maybe this is their way of de-stressing in a weird way…?


Yup. They all get a little crazy on decision day.


@skieurope is right on point here. As long as they are not violating ToS, we allow it. Sometimes we’ll slow the thread to allow time to flag all the violations, but that seems to be as far as we need to go usually.

I’ll probably write something up to give users some guidance on CC’s stance on “portal astrology”. The temptation to do it is strong. Applicants should follow Indy’s advice in Raiders of the Lost Ark:

Shut your eyes, Marian. Don’t look at it, no matter what happens!

Portal astrologize if you want to, but don’t be surprised if your face melts off.

Update - moved to Community category for visibility