Portal Issue

I’ve been reading that people who applied through the Pace website would log on and it would say something like a decision has been made and the letter is coming. All I see is just the checklist of all my submitted things. Is this weird? I applied Nov 1st for early decision and im hoping for a dec 1st decision.

Am I checking the right thing? Im looking at application status, should I be looking at Pace Portal? I dont have a log on for that.

best to give admission a call

Give it some time. Pace really says that decisions are going out now, so that could mean a few days. If you don’t
see anything by the end of the week, then give them a call. I know, it’s hard to be patient!

Did you apply on the Pace website or did you submit the Common App? I submitted the common app and my application portal says the same as yours. Have not heard anything either.

I spoke to Pace today, and they said they’re a little behind. Using some new computer system. I would think everyone will hear something this week.

Also, the admissions person sees the actual information on their computer, which is different than the portal. If you give them your reference number, they might say “it says ‘decision made’ so you should be hearing something soon.” Of course they will not tell you the decision over the phone, but at least you know it’s just waiting to go out.

My son applied through Common App and had the checklist of everything being submitted. Now today, the checklist is gone and there is nothing there except a message that if he needs to contact them about his application to please provide name and reference id. Has anyone else experienced this?

Yes mine has been like that for a few weeks now I have no clue why

@jb1090 My son contacted his admissions counselor yesterday and she said the status page has changed because they have received all necessary documents in order to review his application.