Portal Says Decisioned

I just checked my portal and it says it was decisioned. I’m expecting an acceptance but it’ll probably take 1-3 days for the decision to become available.

I wanted to know though, is the major I selected on my common app binding, or can I call and change it after I get my decision?

Where in your portal says decisioned? I can’t find it on my portal. Guess I was denied :frowning:

@Lilmelo it says “Status : Received - Decisioned”. I applied to another NC System School and after it changed to Decisioned, I was able to view the decision a few days later.

Just because they haven’t made a decision yet for you, doesn’t mean you were denied. I guess they’re updating portals on a rolling basis and not all at once.

What are your stats? @deacxx

@Lilmelo I was accepted. 28 ACT. 4.0 Unweighted GPA, Most Rigorous Course Load. African American. In-State.