Hi, I am currently in the 10th Grade and I’m new to this site but I wanted to join so I am ready for college, I have been looking at colleges with Film Majors and such and I have to say that USC is the best school there is, I’ve seen people talking about (film) portfolios and I wasn’t sure what would be on it? So if you could help, I would like to start (somewhat) early!!! Thanks

Hi @trojanforlife‌ I applied to USC’s film program last fall. On my portfolio I listed things such as film related internships, the most significant film’s I’ve made and where/if they screened at festivals, as well as current projects I’m working on. I don’t know that my portfolio will get me in, but that’s just what I put down.

Hope this helps!

Hi, I’m a sophomore in production at USC right now. In addition to the written samples, I submitted a short film I had made one summer and I listed the names of more films I had made and pieces of other artwork I had drawn/painted, as well as mentioning that I had worked at the community TV station for a year or two. I’ve never submitted to any festivals, so don’t be intimidated if you haven’t either!