<p>is anyone else here preparing a portfolio for their application? i'm just curious to see other people's work because the art program at my school is terrible and i'd be really interested to see other people's work who are applying to schools in hopes of studying art, may they be art schools or just schools with good art programs. out of like 15 slides how many are you doing as sketches, how many finished pieces, how many life drawings, stuff like that.</p>

<p>Well I'm going to be applying next year and won't be actually studying art, but it will be a part of MIT's supplementary application. I don't particularily like art class because I am only really interested in drawing and not in sculpting or painting where we spend most of our time. I currently have only finished about 24 pictures of hockey players, with a further 26 to be coloured and have partially sketched 36 cars. After I finish these projects I plan on doing some drawings of architecture.</p>