<p>Any advice on how to start a portfolio to get into a good arch. school. I plan to double major in architecture and interior design. I am a sophmore right now and want to start building a good portfolio but dont know what to put in it. Thanks!</p>

<p>There is lots of information in this forum on what to include in a portfolio as well as on the colleges' own websites. RPI stands out in my mind as having a very detailed description of their expectations. From what I can gather from here and with discussions with the architecture admissions counselor from a few schools, you should include free hand drawings as well as other media. You should not include any CAD drawings. Photography is good too but don't feel like you have to have an architechure focus in the portfolio. One counselor did state emphatically to avoid free hand drawings of shoes. This school has seen enough shoes to last a lifetime! This same individual stressed over and over again to try to practice freehand drawing for at least 15 minutes every day.</p>

<p>Its great that you are planning ahead. My daughter didn't figure out the portfolio requirement until after she had picked her classes for junior year (her guidance department was of zero assistance) and is going to have to play catch up this summer. Thankfully the head of the art department at her school has been very very supportive.</p>

<p>The links below should help you out. Good luck!:</p>

<p>Portfolio instructions from Syracuse University:
Syracuse</a> SOA
Portfolio instructions from Cornell:
Cornell</a> / Architecture / Undergraduate Admissions / Portfolio Guidelines
Portfolio instructions from Pratt Institute:
Pratt</a> Institute | Admissions | Applying | Applying as an Undergraduate | Undergraduate Application Requirements | Freshmen
Portfolio instructions from Rice University:
Rice</a> School of Architecture</p>

<p>Thanks for your suggestion guys. Im actually going to be a junior in the 2010-2011 school year so that only leaves me a year and a half. What i meant was what type of artwork should be in it. I designed like 50 houses on the computer using a program and take art and photo classes at school. What type of materials should i use to make my designs?</p>

<p>In general, schools do not want computer designed buildings. They would be more interested in the art you produce in your art and photography classes. Use any media - watercolors, oil pastels, paint, pencil, charcoal, colored pencil. Most of what you send will be photographs of your original art. One school my son applied to did require two original pieces; an 8.5x11 self portrait and an 8.5x11 drawing of a tool. Put special care into the presentation of your portfolio as well. Package your art attractively and follow the schools directions regarding the portfolios one-hundred percent (if they say they want it spiral bound, make sure it's spiral bound).</p>