Positive interview feedback

My daughter had two interviews recently, and in both, the interviewers said that she’d be a very good fit for the school and had a high probability of getting accepted.

I don’t know how much info they knew about her, but the only thing they could have possibly already known (but maybe not) would be the info from her pre application (nothing special), her 99% SSAT score, and that she lives on the west coast. Of course, I’m hopeful that there is truth in what they say. I am hesitant to share the school names in case people from the school read this board, but they’re both highly ranked.

Is it common to get such positive feedback in an interview?

My son did. The interviewer subsequently told me he was his favorite candidate. He didn’t get in. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: An equally qualified legacy did. Don’t read too much into it.


Yes. It is also common for such an applicant to be rejected. Read nothing else into it.


Thanks for the realistic feedback. We need it. It’s comical how eager my daughter and I are for any positive indications.

The important thing to know is that no matter where she goes, even her state school safety, her future success will largely be in her hands. The diploma is no guarantee. I know plenty of Ivy grads who have struggled. That’s to cast no aspersions on those schools, but rather to say it’s about the individual. If she makes the most of the opportunities in front of her, she’ll do well no matter where she lands.


As I’ve posted many times, the two ADs who gushed over our son (can see him on campus and around their tables, etc.) were his two rejections. Interviewers are great at connecting with kids, see many more terrific ones than they can admit, and want to encourage all to complete their applications. Your daughter obviously had a good interview, so she can check that box. Good luck to her.


@eyemgh: This is the prep school forum. The OPs daughter is applying to high schools.

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Dooh! Thanks! I guess the general advice still applies though…make the most of your opportunities. :smiley:


Last year we had two gushing interviews. One waitlist and one acceptance. In a prior cycle also had a gushing interview followed by waitlist.

Don’t read too much into it.

Some of my best interviews were at schools I was rejected from.

My kiddo was accepted to the school she felt was her best interview. But I don’t think they gushed or provided any feedback.