Posse finalist

<p>Hi, guys. I have to confirm my POSSE finalist position at Lafayette College tomorrow. If I got accepted, then I cannot go to Macaulay Honors, Sophie Davis, nor maybe some other ivy leagues. My family's income is like 20k a year for 3 house hold members. I have reasearched that the general financial aid package at Lafayette is 20k.</p>

<p>If I got into Lafayette as a Posse scholar, can I still get the regular amount of financial aid based on my income? </p>

<p>Or the school will just give me enough to just cover my Room and Board since I already have Posse to cover the full tuition?</p>

<p>Thank You.</p>

<p>You have to pick up the phone and call Posse and Lafayette about this one. You need to know what exactly will be covered. Tuition, fees, housing, meals? Or also insurance, books, materials, computer? Will you be guaranteed an on-campus job so that you can earn pocket money for the occasional pizza? Is there a guarantee of summer internship money, or study abroad money, or anything like that?</p>

<p>You are in at Lafayette. Do you have any solid evidence that you would be in at any of those other places and that the aid packages would be as good as the one you are being offered? Tomorrow morning, go to your counselors office, and sit there while he/she calls around to get some answers for you.</p>

<p>Wishing you all the best!</p>

<p>It is said that Posse will only cover tuition</p>

<p>Well then you need to find out what Lafayette covers so that you can determine whether this will be affordable for you.</p>

<p>I just want to know whether it will give you money more than you needed?</p>

<p>From Lafayette... "Students who are receiving aid from the college must notify the Office of Financial Aid immediately of any outside funding they may receive. Outside scholarships may be used to reduce or eliminate the job and/or loan components included in the student’s aid award. Grants and/or scholarships from the College will be reduced when total resources exceed our total costs of attendance."</p>