Posse Scholarship- Ask Away!

Does anyone have any other tips for the Final Round Interview?
Any other questions (besides the ones already mentioned in this thread) that they remember?


I had my second round interview, and they said they would let me know by early November, I have two friends who already made it to the third round, so does that mean I didn’t make it to the third round?

@Dolly2315 I was in your same position, but I found out I made it a few days after my friends. I think they send out decisions for each school separately, so I wouldn’t give up hope yet

@Smiths4 What was resolved at the end? Did your kid decide to withdraw from the process? I hope things are working out for you and your daughter.

Any tips for the third round interview? Mine is tomorrow

Everything you need is in this thread. It’s a lengthy read but start from the beginning. Good luck!

I had my final interview last night and they didn’t call me. Does this mean I definitely didn’t get it or do you think Corona and it being virtual could have affected that

Hi, can you tell if a student living in NY can chose only schools affiliated with NY area or he can chose other schools?

Does anyone know how much Posse Access actually helps?

This thread has been dormant for a while, but I still wanted to give a heartfelt Thank you to gk1733 !

It was a very informative thread that helped answering many questions and alleviate some anxiety regarding the process.