Possibility of Admission Rescinded???? After deposit??

I got accepted with distinction (3.9 GPA) by CSUF very late (March 12, 2019). They said I cannot send any official transcripts before I get accepted so I waited until I got accepted when I ordered my transcript (electronic) that same day and the process will be 3-4 days. The deadline will be on the 15th. I already paid for the deposit (i lack common sense… I got too emotional). Will my admission be rescinded if my transcript will be late?
I got no failing grades, one W due to health problems, clean record

Are you a Transfer or a Freshman for Fall '19?
If you’re a freshman, then the final transcript with all grades should be sent after you graduate in June.
If you’re a transfer, then unless they specifically ask for your interim grades (or if you’ve already completed your AA-T) typically they want you to wait until your current semester grades can be included before submitting them.
Either way, contact them to let them know that you’ve requested your transcripts according to their rules of not submitting prior to admission, but are not confident that they will be received by the deadline of 3/15.