Possible Arch Maj wondering about work load...

<p>I know a similar thread was recently started, but I think this is more specific. I'm currently considering becoming a Arch major at LSU, and I've already been accepted into the program. I've always known Architecture was a time sync, but after reading on these forums I've gotten somewhat more worried.</p>

<p>I find architecture very interesting, but I don't have a huge passion for it. I plan on rushing as well as playing Intermural tennis. Will I be able to juggle all of this? I don't want to overload myself. Also, how much free time does architecture allow on a weekly basis? I'm not wanting to come off as lazy, but it seems as if only the intensely dedicated make it in this field. I would like to have a social life outside of architecture as well as the close-knit community within it.</p>

<p>I know that many people on these forums are concentrated on much more prestigious schools, but all feedback is appreciated.</p>

<p>just go into it and see for yourself. i think it's really hard to know if you're not part of an architecture education so dont' worry about it for now. you'll soon realize if architecture really is for you or not. some people who didn't really have a huge passion for arch really enjoy it later on and some realize it's not for them.</p>

<p>as for outside commitments, it'll be hard but it's doable. i am involved in many outside things so my life is pretty action packed. i personally enjoy that kind of lifestyle though..</p>