possible careers?

<p>i'm a rising senior in HS- North Carolina</p>

<p>i'm going to a nc college and most likely double majoring in political science and IR. (applying to unc, duke, and davidson)</p>

<p>i'm learning spanish now and i'm going to learn another when i get to school (since spanish and french are the only things offered at my hs) i'm pretty sure i want to learn russian and possibly study abroad for a semester in spain and for a summer in russia.</p>


<p>i don't want to live in the US..but i don't just want to stay in one country for longer than a few years. </p>

<p>now, my question is...what to do after undergrad? grad school? career options?</p>

<p>become a diplomat</p>

<p>Foreign Service Officer</p>