Possible colleges for math

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So my D came home from the first day of school somewhat excited (for her at least) about her Calc BC class. Apparently she is only 1 of 3 girls in the school of 400+ kids taking it. After talking for a while I get the feeling that maybe upper mathematics might still be on the table for college. She is completely undecided about major or career or anything really right now…but we had been leaning towards science since she has some interest in health related careers.

But now - if Math related majors/careers are a possibility I am rethinking our list.

Can any of you tell me if any of these jump out as a really bad choice if she decides to pursue upper level math (whatever that means :slight_smile: ?

Reaches: (all pretty dependent on raising ACT in sept)
Notre Dame -
Boston College

Rhodes College
Wake Forest
Lafayette College

Truman State
Pittsburg State
Drury University

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Thanks @“Erin’s Dad”

These colleges appear in a Princeton Review sampling, “Great Schools for Mathematics Majors,” and fit your daughter’s indicated match/reach range:

St. Olaf
Holy Cross
Byrn Mawr