Possible Double Majors in East Azn Studies/ Chinese Studies Shout Out

<p>Everyone has heard about the new major CHina Studies right? What I don't get is why COrnell didn't spend more money to open up classes for other Chinese dialects. Taiwanese is really important and so is Shanghainese nowadays. Heh this is coming from a psycho linguist but once I make a name for myself in Asia I'm going to donate a huge amount of money so that future Cornell students can choose from more then 2 dialects of China. There are 5 distinct language families in China and 2 are only represented, that is an insult. This is a long rant and even Professor Mehta disagrees (she also nearly died of egg shock b/c of me) But anywayz all those who are serious about east azn studies we gots to make sure the Min, WU, Fujian, language families are represented in the future!</p>