Possible Essay Topics?

<p>I have a few topics I'm thinking about, could I receive some input?</p>

<li>meeting my favorite celebrity (overcoming my shy-ness?)</li>
<li>my ex-step-mother cheating on my dad and how it significantly affected me</li>
<li>how a guy i've talked to online for a while has changed my views on foreign cultures and made me want to travel abroad</li>

<p>are any of those good?</p>

<p>My ratings would be 3-2-1 (3 being the best). </p>

<p>For an optional essay, 1 could work well. I wouldn't force the overcoming shyness thing though. Maybe write about how, when you think about it, it's kinda weird that you get all worked up over this one person, but in the end they're really just a human being like the rest of us. </p>

<p>I personally don't like dramatic essays, especially if not done well. But hey you could try it out.</p>

<p>My reservations for 3 is similar to an essay that goes like this: "I saw a rocket launch, and then and there I knew I wanted to study aerospace engineering." Yeah maybe that's true, but a college doesn't want to invest on an unplayed record. The college would want to see the space guy doing some independent research on rocketry, building a few rockets himself, etc. </p>

<p>In other words, do you just have this wish to travel abroad now, or have you acted on it and, if not gone abroad, at least explored different ethnic communities your area? Have any tangible experiences reinforced your desire?</p>

<p>Any other input?</p>