possible merit aid?

<p>do u think a 1400 SAT, 3.5 uw academic GPA would be able to get merit aid anywehre? how bout case western, nyu, hopkins, or ESPECIALLY college park and umbc and penn state? thanks.</p>

<p>You are in the running with those stats for merit aid. At Hopkins and NYU, unless you have something else desiraable in your profile, you are on the low side. Hopkins' average SAT is now 1400. Your gpa could be an issue with the other schools. </p>

<p>But you certainly can try. If you want to up your chances, take a look at the UNWR premium services or their Ultimate Directory. Look for colleges that give lots of merit aid, (there is a section that lists this info). Then pick out those that may interest you, look them up individually to get an idea how much and who is getting the money. For example if a school gives out scholarships to 15% of their kids but you are towards the bottom of the top 25% SAT marker and also near the middle of the pack in gpa, you probably are not going to get anything, unless, again, there other factors present.</p>

<p>It's doubtful that you would get much at UMCP (maybe the same for UMBC) based on the info that you provided. You MIGHT get a few thousand for a few years, IMO.</p>

<p>My D has similar stats and qualifies for merit aid (not earthshattering sums, but still) at several of the small LACs in the midwest that we have looked at. </p>

<p>Look in the Loren Pope book, "Colleges That Change Lives." It lists a lot of "striving" colleges that are less selective but academically strong. They WANT and NEED the high scorers in order to demonstrate that prospective students will have academically powerful peers. These places give merit aid to tempt someone like your child to attend, even if they may have been admitted to a more selective place (where they don't get merit aid.)</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Punk, you may have a shot at Case. My son had a wgpa of about 97 and 1450 and was offered a $17k President's(?) merit scholarship. If you are trying to get merit scholarships I suggest that you apply as early as possible. I heard that later applicants with similar stats were not offered this scholarship.</p>