Possible SAT Score?

<p>I've been reading these SAT-I threads and they have made me even more anxious about my score...</p>

<p>I'm guessing I omitted 3 on Math and got ~5 wrong => what does that equate to?
And for verbal, I omitted 1 and let's assume I got ~5 wrong => what does that equate to?</p>

<p>EDIT: And I know the differences in curves for each test day, but I just want a rough estimation if possible...</p>

<p>Based on your assumptions....roughly a 750 for verbal and a 700 for math.</p>

<p>If you're lucky, math will be around 670. Verbal ~740.</p>

<p>Verbal could be higher than what they are saying. Although some of the scales would put you at about a 740, others I have seen would put you up closer to a 770. It all depends on this curve.</p>

<p>if u want a 650 on the math section on the sat, what is the greatest amount of questions you can get wrong, and omit?</p>

<p>Thanks a lot guys and gals...I need to find more ways to lower my anxiety!!</p>

<p>My D had 8 wrong on math for a 660 1 ommitted</p>

<p>the test that i took today had 4 math sections, and 3 verbals.i read that 1 of the math sections dont count, so that there would be 60 questions. anyway, on the grid in section i gridded the answer but i think i forgot to bubble in the digits. so right there i omitted like 10 questions and didnt know. plus 6 more questions i didnt get to, plus about 3 or 4 i got wrong. Being that i answered all 4 sections of math. What do you think my raw score is?</p>

<p>xoeoeix, did you have a verbal passage about chimps and jewelry?</p>

<p>on the last test, whose math curve was HORRIBLE! i missed 3, ommited 2...</p>


<p>yep, i didnt read it though, i copied the answer off of the person next to me. remember that grid in question " 40 chairs are produced every 3 hours....8 hour shift. 60 chairs.... whats the average. howd you do it i got i think 52.5 as the answer.</p>

<p>3(40) + 5(60)/8. howd u do it</p>

<p>how does the math curve work?</p>

<p>Roh kay friends. Math curve work like this:</p>

<p>October=pretty tricky math. curve nice. 800,800,780,760 miss 5-6 is 700.</p>

<p>sometimes = easy math. curve bad. 800,780,760,750 (or 740, depends), miss 6 is 690.</p>

<p>march 04 i missed 6 math and got a 690. oct 04 i missed 2 math and got a 780</p>

<p>hmm, I wonder how this month's curve will be..</p>

<p>isnt a 700 in verbal about 8~10 wrong?</p>

<p>Is the curve getting harsher these days?</p>

<p>is it possible to break 1400 omitting ~4 and missing ~10</p>

<p>very possible if you are talking about 4 omits and 10 wrongs in total (math and verbal combined)</p>

<p>=O can anyone else verify this?</p>

<p>Anyone know??</p>

<p>Yeah overall i missed 2 math and 7CR,3Analogies, and 1analogy omit so thats -13 total and i got a 1470</p>