Possible score increase

Could somebody tell me

  1. With coaching for SAT how much increase in score can we expected or is in generally seen. For example if a kid starts with 1300 and with coaching how much is a increase seen?
  2. We do not get the question with answer book for all the SAT tests taken except for a few SAT dates. Is there a way we can get the March 26th 2022 test questions and answers. Due to inclement weather on scheduled date March 12 SAT postponed to March 26 and denied the QAS service.
    3.Amongst the zillions of coaching companies, which ones have produced the best results in terms of upliftment of scores ( a quantum jump)

Very subjective - depends on each student’s capabilities, level of existing knowledge and test taking prowess. So very hard to say “score will increase by xx points”

Sorry, I’m not clear what your question is. Can you elaborate or restate?

I believe plugging private firms is a violation of TOS. But in any case, what’s “best” for one student may not be “best” for another. You should explore different options and see what makes sense for your kid. Try asking friends and neighbors in your community for recommendations. Sometimes a private tutor who works 1-1 may produce better results than a brand name test prep provider.

One of our kids increased their score by 250 points. But I think most of that was just familiarity with HOW to take the SAT.

The second kid…score didn’t increase one point. Kid asked about a third retake…we said NO. Kid still got accepted at the colleges of her choice (1230 SAT…accepted in 2007).

In reply to response - to restate my question. I meant we do not have the question answer service for each of the SAT test dates that College Board administers. So, want to know if there is a site or some place folks put up the recent actual SAT questions?

Are you asking where to find stolen SAT tests?

I’m sure there is. But it is a violation of Terms of Service to provide them here. Nor will we provide recommendations for paid coaching services. So the only feedback users can give is anticipated score increase