Possible to change from MCS to CIT after freshman year?

<p>I will be a freshman of MCS this upcoming fall, with a major in Chemistry (although I don't have to officially declar my major in MCS till the end of freshman year, I am pretty much sure that this will be the major that I am most interested in while in MCS).</p>

<p>When I applied for CMU last year, I thought that I am more interested in science rather than engineering, so i put chemistry as my first choice and engineering the alternative. After I did my senior capstone project on the participation of girls in STEM (science, math, engineering, and technology), I figured that engineering interested me a lot more, but it was too late to change the application, and I was accepted by the chemistry major but waitlisted by ChemE.</p>

<p>So does anyone know that if it's ever possbile to go from MCS to CIT after a year, and how big a chance there will be? Do i need to try taking some engineering courses to make myself more qualified for engineering majors? </p>

<p>Plus, when do you guys suggest is a good time to tell my conselor that i wish to change my major? Does right after school starts sound too early to you? </p>

<p>Thanks a ton for your suggestions and helps!</p>

<p>Any one out there? I really need your helps and any idea will be much appreciated!</p>

<p>There are a million threads on this already. The search tool is your friend. :)</p>

<li><p>It's possible and common to go from MCS to CIT. Notify your counselor ASAP of your intent to transfer so he/she can offer advice. </p></li>
<li><p>There is plenty of overlap during freshman year. Two of my roommates were a math and civE major--they were in five classes together over the course of the year. You will be just fine in terms of classes, and I don't know if you'd be able to get into the specific engineering courses without being a member of that major. If you are able to do so, I'm sure it would help get you into CIT, but I think you can get in pretty easily if you just do well in calc/physics/chem/etc.</p></li>

<p>If you want to transfer, the faster you do it, the better. You should take an Intro to an Engineering first semester so you don't have to take it later down the road. It also helps not clog up your later classes.</p>

<p>I transferred to ECE after spring semester. Grotzinger, the MCS counselor, is pretty nice and he'll probably support you.</p>

<p>i think you only have to fill out a form that asks for which major you want to transfer into in CIT and your gpa right?</p>