Possible to Triple Major at NCF?

<p>I know that it is technically possible, but has it ever been done before. One of the reasons I am interested in going to ncf is because my interests are so eclectic. I want to major in bio, public policy, and anthropology. (along with a few spanish classes.) is this feasible?</p>

<p>Sure. You, with the help of your advisor, can design a concentration that encompasses all three fields of study.</p>

<p>D tells me that though there are public policy classes, there really isn't a public policy major at NCF. She also says it would be difficult to write more than one thesis to have what would traditionally be considered a "double or triple" major.</p>

<p>However, as dntw8up says, you can design your own major that would include elements of all three subjects you are interested in.</p>