Possible transfer here. What type of students attend Stetson?

Hi guys, so I was recently accepted to Stetson as a transfer. One of the main reasons I’m planning on leaving my current school (UF) is because of its massive student population and heavy Greek life. I personally don’t feel at home here, and Stetson is much smaller and seems like a better fit in general.

With that in mind, how would you characterize the students at Stetson? I feel like I would fit in best at a small liberal arts school with creative and/or quirky students. I’ve heard some people say that Greek life is also a big deal at Stetson. Is that true? Not that Greek life is a bad thing, I’m just looking for a place that’s not completely dominated by it if that makes sense. To give an idea of the type of schools I have in mind, I also applied to Oberlin, Grinnell, New College, and a number of other small LAC’s.

I hope I got my point across in this post without sounding too pretentious…if anyone has any insight I would really appreciate it. Thank you!!

Bump? /:slight_smile: I can’t get insight into the school anywhere online. It’s crazy! I’ll probably make the drive for admitted students day and check it out.

I also applied as a transfer to Oberlin and Grinnell! Keep us posted on when you hear back!