Possibley a Very Silly Question-But who knows!

I currently attend a midsized private college and am planning on trying to transfer for the fall of my sophmore year. As I plan my spring schedule, I’m trying to take as rigorous a course load as possible. I currently have a choice between a three-hundred and two-hundred level class in political science. I think I would prefer the two-hundred personally and I’m wondering if it will look worse from an admissions point of view.
I know it sounds trivial, but I’d appreciate advice.</p>

<p>PS. I would really appreciate it if any Barnard transfers out there who come across this would share their experiences with the process. I'd love to hear your point of view!</p>

<p>If you liked the 200-level course better, I would advise you to take it. You'll likely to do better. Barnard will be happy to see a freshman take a 200-level course. Besides, shouldn't you be yourself, rather than who you think others want you to be? Good luck.</p>

<p>Hi HopefulTransferA,</p>

<p>Although Barnard wants to see that you challenged yourself, they are well aware of the many reasons that one may choose one course over another. It may be because one of them is easier than the other, but it may also be that one can fulfill more than one requirement, one may be more interesting, so on and so forth.</p>

<p>I came to Barnard from a state school and, even though I knew I wanted to transfer, I paid no attention whatsoever to course levels. I took what was required for me to graduate from the state school just in case I didn't get in (which Barnard advises applicants to do). </p>

<p>In fact, I was a VERY weak math student in high school and was advised that I should take an advanced math class in college to show Barnard that I was challenging myself in my weak areas. When the opportunity to fulfill the math requirement came around, I (instead) registered for the lowest level I could find. As a second - semester sophomore I was taking a class called Intro to Math Modeling, which was basically high school algebra with a fancy title. </p>

<p>I got an A in that class, got accepted to Barnard, and the credit fulfilled my Quantitative Reasoning Gen Ed Requirement. With that said, I would say go with whatever makes you happy.</p>