Possibly looking to transfer

<p>I'm currently a freshman at the University of Scranton and I'm interested in possibly transferring to University park after my sophomore year. I'm a biology major with an aim for med school and I would like to know how strong Penn States bio program is? How many students who apply from Penn actually get into med school? Is it hard to transfer to University park after 2 years of college? Although its early my current midterm G.P.A is about a 3.3 - 3.2. My ACT wasn't that great but I herd that they don't look at them after a year of college. Do they look at your high school transcript however? Thanks</p>


<p>bump again</p>

<p>bump again</p>

<p>(Not a Pre-med major...but it seems like everyone around me is)</p>

<p>The Biology/Pre-Med programs are quite rigorous. Out of the 250ish of them who make it to the final application process, around 60-70% will be accepted compared to a national average of 40% (FAQs</a> in Premedicine — Eberly College of Science) and their average GPA is around a 3.6.</p>

<p>I can't speak to transfer admissions but looking at the average GPA above, you may need to be slightly higher there.</p>

<p>I see. I read that they want you to have a 3.2 - 3.3 at the end of your freshman year so I should be good :). I don't like the fact that they make you take a foreign language. One of the reasons why I went to Scranton is because a foreign language isn't required.</p>

<p>I got my GPA its a 3.47</p>