Post-Acceptance Support

I’ve been very impressed with the post-acceptance support we’ve received from the Wellesley community. Immediately after being accepted during the ED1 phase, my D was invited to the Class of 2021 Facebook group. Her classmates have been connecting with each other and with current students that also joined the group.

We were also invited to a local Wellesley Alumnae Club event where we met current students and parents, alumnae, and prospective students in our hometown. Thanks to these efforts, we feel like we are now part of the Wellesley community. What has your experience been?

Good luck to current applicants! We look forward to welcoming you to the family as the Class of 2021 is rounded out.

The support will not stop there. It’s an enormously supportive place and it’s contagious (paid forward). Congrats to your daughter!


The Following Is A True Story:

I was visiting NYC this past November. My iphone died while I was in the city. I walked 7 blocks to Apple store to charge the phone [I did not have a charger]. Soon a young woman came to the same table and started charging her phone. We started talking. After some time, it became apparent we had an unexpected connection.

I was telling her that my daughter had the opportunity to have a paid international NGO experience through her college. She asked me which college. Once she knew it was W, she said she is an alumna. And that she has established her own NGO. She has an office in NYC and one in DC. She does work in several countries.

She offered me [at my request of course] her contact info and was willing to talk to my daughter about NGOs and to help her if needed.

She also said she wanted to be at W on election night [but she couldn’t due to her schedule] and her classmates from Australia and Europe were travelling to W for the election results [I feel sorry for them :)].

Yes, the support doesn’t stop with getting in to W. It is a cult :). These women are crazzzzy.