post bac

Does anyone know of a good post bac program for a science major student who wants to improve GPA, preferably in the west coast? any feedback about post bac programs is welcome. tnx!

AMCAS has a searchable database of post-baccalaureate programs–

You can search by type and location.

Choose grade enhancing for the type and yoer state of choice for the location.

West Coast, Especially CA, does not have a lot of post bacc grade enhancers. When choose a program, please pay special attention to the “URM” requirements. If you are ORM, you need not try, for example, UCSF. If you need to enhance a few classes that you have missed in your UG, you can do those in any 4 year Universities close to you. In general, to repeat a class that you received C or better is unwise, you need to take a higher level class to enhance your GPA.

Thank you!

Thanks, the site isn’t that user friendly…