Post Castro Cuba

<p>Castro is 78 years old and probably won't last too many more years. What do you think will happen once he is out of power? Here are some options that come to mind:</p>

<p>1- nothing, becuase Castro may have adequately planned for his succession and the US is full of a bunch of tough talkers but wimps.
2- nothing, becasue Cubans living in America will realize they prefer American wealth to Cuban poverty.
3- Florida cubans mount an independent an unauthorized attack on Cuba that results in a re-taking of the island for freedom.
4- The US uses its troops located in Cuba to take over the country and implement democracy.
5- The US takes the matter before the United Nations and while the UN debates the issue and ultimately decides to do nothing, thousands of Cubans die in a civil war.
6- something else that you think will happen.</p>

<p>7-the cuban missile crisis will re-start and the missles will be launched simultaneously killing 80% of the US population and wiping out Cuba completely</p>


<p>the US does nothing because McCarthyism and the Cold War are long gone.</p>

<p>8-Bush takes "attemps" to take over Cuba just like Iraq.</p>

<p>LOL @ kinglin</p>

<p>Haha did you see the video of him tripping? It was humorous because the reporter tried to make the fact that he wasn't badly hurt a good thing, but we all know that we are thinking just the opposite.</p>

<p>Oh god that fall was great. BTW heres a picture I got <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>It's hard to tell but I bet he has a sucessor in mind. However, I bet that sucessor won't have the same revolutionary fervor that Castro and Guevara had and will probably be the equivalent of Gorbachev in the USSR.</p>

<p>When I hear "Castro" I think of "Castrol" oil.</p>

<p>Support for Castro is too broad in Cuba for an uprising after his death. Most everyone who hates him is already in Little Havana, voting Republican in vain. His brother, who helped him take over in the 50's, will probably assume power.<br>
If the U.S. wants a new government in control, we've got to change our foreign policy to represent our interests as a country and not the minority of angry Cubans in Miami. Sanctions haven't worked for the past forty years--they're not going to start magically working now. The only solution is to ease restrictions and let the influx of American money and culture help turn the people against Castro.</p>

<p>ooooooo he's right</p>

<p>Did you all see that clip of him falling? Classic....I felt bad, but as it was Fidel Castro...</p>

<p>you felt bad????? it was f**king hilarious.</p>

<p>I agree, it was very funny, and deep inside I think we all wished the falling was painful. JAJAJA
About what will happen in Cuba, I don't think the US will attempt to do anything when Castro dies. Probably Raul, his brother, will take power, but since he is kind of dumb (he's succesful only because of his brother now), at the end the dictatorial regime will curb and will be eventually substituted by a more democratic regime. That's what I think will happen, but I wouldn't discharge a coup d'etat (Latin American history is full of those, even when they were not expected)</p>

<p>at first, I felt bad because he's an old man and his body is leaving him. Then I remembered it was Castro.... Oh well.</p>