Post-enrollment scholarships and $$$ matters at Rowan

My daughter is a senior at Rowan (she is in the degree in 3 year program). Along the way, she has applied through the Rowan foundation for additional scholarships and been among the winners each year. It isn’t a huge amount of money (1-2,000 a year), but it helps! With a combination of merit aid, savings from us and her own savings, she will graduate in May with ZERO debt. We, as her parents, will also have ZERO debt.

My foster son will also graduate from Rowan in May (4 years to get his BS). He was awarded merit aid, and he won both the Gates Millennium and Horatio Alger (state level) scholarships. He will also have zero debt at graduation.

This was not “luck” or an “accident” - we researched schools which offered the best financial deal as well as a great education. They have received both from Rowan. Both carry 3.9 GPAs and have jobs on campus. If it sounds as though I’m bragging, I am :0 but I am also proud they have reaped benefits from years of hard work.

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Would you mind me asking where to look for the additional scholarships for existing students? Are they highly competitive?

I will ask my daughter. I think any scholarships are competitive, but if you aren’t trying, you definitely aren’t winning!

@mj0673 the school sends out daily emails to currently enrolled students with information on the scholarships when the applications open.

NJRoadie - Congratulations to your children for their outstanding achievements @ Rowan! I was curious to know what kinds of jobs did they have. My son just completed his first semester and is interested in serving as a tour guide. Thank you.

My daughter worked on campus for an office type job, around 10 hours a week. My son worked for WaWa his first year, then as a tutor, then as a teacher’s aid on campus the last two years (I can’t think of the right term, but he graded papers and was in class for lectures to help out). My daughter was also a part of the Residence Hall Association, which provided savings in the housing cost area.

I had no involvement in their searching for or obtaining these jobs, so I can’t really give specific info. In some cases it was on a Rowan job website (ProfLink), in others it was having a reputation as a good teacher.

I do know that the ambassador/tour guide program is competitive to get into as you are the “face” of the school. There are also the hosts during the summer orientation for the incoming freshman - Peer referral and orientation staff - PROS is the acronym. Pretty sure those roles had applications/interviews due in early December. Good luck to your son!

@NJRoadie Congratulations to you and your kids! We’re either in the honors program? If so, how did they like it? Thanks

Both kids were in the honors program. My daughter decided to drop it, because the coursework was science heavy, and she, as a business major, wanted to take more business classes. My foster son stuck with it and really enjoyed it - he is a science major, recently accepted into a PhD program :0 He was active in the activities as well as the honors classes.