Post for All Admitted into Penn State - University Park

<p>If you have been accepted to Penn State University Park, please state where you are from, what college you got into/major, and what other schools you are considering. If you know you are definitely going to PSU, then state which schools you also applied to but aren't going to go to and why you chose PSU.</p>

<p>Accepted!! From Maryland!
Got into the College of Science
Major in Biochemistry/PreMed
Other Schools: University of Illinois, BU, UMD-College Park, Indiana-Bloomington, Columbia (STRETCHHHHH)</p>

<p>Accepted from Washington, DC
College of the Liberal Arts / Economics</p>

<p>Have been accepted into University of Wisconsin-Madison. Applied to University of Michigan, UCLA, UC-San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis, UC Irvine, and University of Washington.</p>

<p>Accepted: From Pennsylvania
Majoring in: Biology / PreMed
Other Schools: Lehigh University, Bucknell, Villanova.</p>

<p>Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
College of the Liberal Arts
Political Science
rejected EA at Yale
also applying to : Brown, Dartmouth, Cornell, Schreyer, Boston U, Washington U in St Louis, Macalester, Vassar, & Northeastern. I may or may not throw Princeton or Harvard on the list, but probably not, they are due next week.</p>

PreMed/Biology Major
Didn't apply to anywhere else. PSU is my top choice</p>

<p>Accepted(from Pittsburgh area)
Physics (math/chem minors)
Applied to UVA and Umich (already in)</p>

<p>I think I'm almost certain to get into schreyer, and so that's where I'll end up going.</p>

Pennsylvania (lycoming county)
College of Sciences
applying to schreyers
Other schools: U of Delaware, BU, F&M, ithaca, Cornell U</p>

<p>whether i go to PSU will depend on if i get into schreyers or not</p>

<p>Accepted from Erie, PA to the College of Communications
I'm looking at a major in journalism, but I'm already thinking of transfering into economics or finance of some kind.</p>

<p>I'm also looking at Northwestern and NYU...</p>

<p>Accepted from albany, ny
Major: Economics/Political Science, Liberal Arts
Other Schools: Cornell, NYU, McGill, Columbia, Barnard</p>

<p>Accepted from Hershey, PA
Major: Engineering
Other schools: Cornell, Johns Hopkins (only cuz my parents made me -_-), Carnegie Mellon, University of Michigan, Georgia Tech</p>

<p>Accepted from NJ
Major - Bio
Other schools - RU, UC(B, D, I, SD), UMD-CP, JHU, McGill, U of Toronto, UMich.</p>

<p>Accepted State College, PA (wow, a surprise there... virtually everyone here gets accepted)
Major: Astro, could you guess?
Applied to schreyer's, also Harvard, Berkeley</p>

<p>Although I haven't heard back from the other schools, I'd still consider psu even if I got into both of them. PSU's astro dept is great-- I've already done research there-- and I know that they are willing to spend a lot of time w/ undergrads. I just want to go to the school where I can learn the most about astro. also, father works @ psu, so I'd get a 75% tuition discount if I went (t)here.</p>

<p>Accepted from Illinois
Major: College of Communications Ad/PR
Applied to Ithaca, American, Loyola Chicago(accepted)</p>

<p>Accepted from Virginia
Major: Hmm... forgot what I put down, International Relations probably
Attending: Johns Hopkins (Early Decision) (Public Health)</p>

<p>PSU's admissions packet was so nice! It promoted the school much better than the viewbook. It would have been a serious consideration had Hopkins not been Early Decision.</p>

<p>Congratz 4 getting admittedd:P Good luck at JHU!</p>

<p>Accepted from Virginia
Attending: University of Virginia ED</p>

<p>Had Penn State on my list but i have to go to UVA. PennState is a great school, congrats to everyone who also got in..:-)</p>

<p>Accepted: Long Island, New York
Major: Communications
Applied to Northeastern, NYU, UCONN, Bentley College, Emerson College, PSU, Pace Univ. and Boston Univ.</p>

<p>Not sure if ill be attending PSU, but im deeply considering it; i will have to wait and see where else i get accepted to.</p>

<p>Accepted! From Texas
Major: International Politics, History, I kinda forgot what I wrote
Deffered EA at Georgetown
Still applying to: Pepperdine, Claremont McKenna, Washington and Lee, George Washington
I'm so happy! If anyone here hasn't been to a PSU football game you're in for an awesome time!</p>

<p>Accepted from Elberta, Alabama
Major: Pre-medicine at Eberly College of Science
Deferred from University of Pennsylvania
Waiting for decision from Penn and NYU...then I will make my decision. I hate making decisions. grrr....</p>