Post Grad or College

I’m going to be a senior next year and I’m considering doing a post grad year. I missed the second semester of my junior year because of illness (which has still not been fully diagnosed/treated) and received half credit for all my courses. This means that my schedule will look like this:

1st semester
Biology Honors (repeat)
Differential Calculus
Independent studies history course
Latin IV (AP is not offered)
English IV elective (not allowed to take AP English because of classes missed)
Advanced Chemistry or AP Statistics (waiting for teachers to get back to me)

2nd Semester
Biology Honors
Differential Calculus
Latin IV
2 English IV electives
Advanced Chemistry or AP Statistics

In addition I’m self studying German, AP Macroeconomics, and AP Microeconomics.

Because of my absence from school I was not able to apply for school wide leadership positions. However I can still apply for student council representative next year. I’m also the cohead of two clubs and the stage manager.

My GPA is around 3.65 and my ACT score was a 32 first try.

The question is should I apply to college this year or should I apply for a post grad year and build my resume? I know that a PG year isn’t some miracle ticket to the Ivies, but I don’t want to have my illness affect my college chances.

Thank you for reading!

I’m not sure that a PG year will help. It is more designed for athletic kids who are trying to get recruited but need another year of high school. In your case the illness speaks for itself so taking a year of PG classes really won’t help.

Actually, you could consider applying for both, although that would take a lot of work. Not all PGs are athletes, and it would give you another year for leadership positions, to do well in classes, etc.–but you could apply to colleges and see if you are admitted to a college that you consider a good fit (maybe even apply early decision to your favorite) and then still apply for a PG year in case that doesn’t work out. Just make sure in your applications you have positive reasons for applying for the PG year (successful applicants often do focus on opportunities to do ECs or athletics-- maybe look at specific ECs and leadership positions that interest you that specific schools offer). If you got in to college early decision, you wouldn’t have to complete the PG applications, of course, and, even if you do get in as a PG and THEN get good news from a college that fits you, you wouldn’t have to accept the PG year. Some BS also accept PG applications late.

I agree - apply for both college and PG. Give yourself some options.

Thank you all for your replies!

Besides just approving my academic transcript I just missed out on classes I wanted to take. I’m very passionate about math and would like to get to the highest level possible and attend a school with a math team. If I do a PG year I will definitely be focusing on the things I’m really passionate about and will do my best to be involved in the community.

My only concern about applying for both is the cost. My family is very much working class and paying application fees and the ACT fees will add up quick.

If you feel you qualify for fee waivers, ask for them.