Post Here If You Saw Your Scores and Cursed Very Loud

<p>Well, it was my first time taking it, and I did not study in any way, but I was still expecting a lot higher score than what I got, 680 reading, 680 math, 670 writing; 1360/1600, 2030/2400. I was really expecting a perfect math score, and was quite surprised by the results.</p>

<p>So, vent out here!</p>


<p>If you didn't study don't expect a perfect score :P</p>

<p>And I was very disappointed in my 680 Writing; I guess my 1570/1600 for CR and Math makes up for it, slightly</p>

<p>I love it when people don't study at all do better than me. I studied like 3 hrs per week day and twice as much on weekends, +about 18 practice tests. I usually get in the 700s on everything, but this time I got: </p>

<p>690 M
650 CR
660 WR
2000 T</p>

<p>Though I share your sentiment. !@#$%!</p>

<p>I got the same surprisingly LOW score on both Reading and Writing. I was shocked because I checked the answers on here after I took the test and didn't think I got that many wrong. I'm going to request for hand-scoring.</p>

<p>I cursed when I saw my 690 writing...PSAT was 70 points higher and I should have done better...</p>

<p>January 2210
March 2100</p>

<p>Yuck, yuck, yuck.</p>

<p>Yeah, I thought the same thing. I guess people here just happened to discuss only the questions I got right...</p>

<p>Man these scores are HORRID, for shame for shame. Just kidding everyone, if this was your first time and you didn't study these were not bad at all. BUT, i would take the SAT over the summer again as well</p>

<p>I didn't curse very hard, instead I got ill and didn't go to school today. </p>

<p>I got a 1710.</p>

<p>Anybody taking it in June?</p>

<p>lol at katcarp
umm if thsi was teh first t ime u took and it and messed up dont worry...many people are reaaallllyyyyyyy nervous teh first time. (same with friend )</p>

<p>btw i did well, by my standadrds at least</p>

<p>math 770
cr 730
writing 670</p>


<p>i didnt curse...i jsut checked it in school...and still cudn tbeleive i got 1500 so i checked it like 10 mroe times. fun ****.</p>

<p>lol i love when people who got like really high scores complain and say how horrible they did. makes the rest of us feel like crap lol</p>

<p>My son would kill for these scores. It is all relative. My son got a 610 in the math taking the test for the first time in March, and we are very happy. It is still is 78th percentile. His CR needs to come up.</p>

<p>The average student needs to post and not feel so intimidated. Otherwise, you can get depressed reading this forum.</p>

<p>Please tell me how i get a 1800 and have 100 in every one of my aps..
100 % in AP Chem
100% in trig
100% in AP US
100% in AP English..</p>

<p>Please, I really need to know.</p>

<p>Some people are really good at standardized tests, some aren't... You could be an absolute genius and do terribly on the SATs (which you didn't).</p>

<p>Yeah i cursed. not so much at the score, but at the set-up. like when a section that's normally your best ends up your worst, and youre set up to break 23, then end up barely getting a 2250. yeah, i was about to pound my monitor.</p>

<p>I cursed at my math score. I felt like the math was pretty easy. If I take it again, I think it'll go down though ]:</p>

<p>Chill, y'all. If you got a "bad" writing score (bad is relative; 95 percentile is considered bad on this website, for some unknown reason), don't fret. Most colleges do not place much emphasis on the section, especially LACs. Some colleges, like Georgetown, do not consider the writing score AT ALL in the admissions process.</p>

<p>Math and Critical Reading...if those are "low" (again, relative) and not up to your standards, I would retake. I think all colleges consider those two scores heavily.</p>

<p>I was expecting >2200 at the very least, an 800 in math and over 2k in CR and writing...
these were my actual scores
710 CR
740 Math
700 Writing