Post here if you think the Dec. 10 ACT Science was awful, and offer advice for Feb 11

<p>I think most of us got in some muddy water when we flipped to the science section. Let's hear some ways to get better for Feb. 11's ACT.</p>

<p>I don't think the science was necessarily that hard, it's just that it actually required you to read the procedure. On most of the practice tests I took you could get by with just looking at the tables and graphs, so when I actually had to read the context my timing was off. Just my two cents.</p>

<p>I will say the Dec. Science section was HARD for me, but this will be my last test because I am a senior. Good luck though preparing for Feb.</p>

<p>My last test as well as I'm finishing up my college apps now. I didn't think the science was hard, it was just too lengthy for me to finish. I successfully got through 36 then had to randomly guess on the last four in a matter of seconds.</p>

<p>I'm praying this section doesn't kill my score</p>

<p>I thought it was hard...</p>