(Post High School) Classes and Extra Curriculars???

<p>I am currently about to go into High School, and I want to get some info! I want to know 1) Is it OK that i can only take AP in Junior and Senior year
2) Is AP important, do i need to take all AP?
3) Are the Extra Curriculars that i want to take good : School Paper, Ronald McDonald Teen Board, Volleyball team, and possibly the Photo Club.
* I want to either go to UNC, Duke, or any other school with a EXCELLENT writing program (im in-state in NC) so if there are any programs or other things to do please tell!! </p>


<p>1) If you can only take them at certain times colleges understand. You have to follow rules set by your school - nothing you can do about that.
2) AP looks good because it shows you’re taking the hardest classes you can which makes you a more desirable student than if you just coast through the easiest ones available.
3) They all seem good to me, but what’s most important is that you really enjoy them and actively participate. </p>

<p>In short just do your best, challenge yourself and enjoy HS and you’ll go on and do great things! :)</p>