Post-Matriculation Financial Aid & Student Jobs

1. Post-Matriculation Financial Aid

I know from running the Net Price Calculator that Dartmouth’s financial aid is, as a general matter, very generous.

But how helpful and flexible is the financial aid office is after matriculation? For example, if a student’s family has a financial issue not readily apparent in its tax returns, is the financial aid office accommodating? Or, say, if a student needs help funding travel costs for a study abroad program, might the financial aid office help the student find a little more grant aid?

These are just examples and I know my question obviously doesn’t lend itself to objective or quantifiable evidence. Still, if anyone has any anecdotal or reputational observations, I’d love to hear them.

2. Student Jobs

Are there many student jobs available? Do they pay decently? Do many Dartmouth students actually work while in school?

Many thanks!

We did not negotiate aid with Dartmouth, but their aid was the most generous our D23 was offered. In terms of your other specific questions -

Financial aid is applied in many ways - for example, kids with need based aid at Dartmouth receive a reduced rate for freshman orientation trips. Study abroad also takes need based aid into account, including travel expense - see here: Study Abroad | Financial Aid

Students fairly recently advocated for a pay increase and were successful -
it started with dining service employees (who seem to make the most):

And then the college reviewed other student jobs as a result and bumped the minimum wage paid quite a bit:

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