Post Practice SAT scores then SAT scores

<p>If you've taken any Practice SATs, then post your scores.</p>

<p>Then, post your SAT scores to see the correlation.</p>


<p>I got 1560....
420 in reading
520 writing
620 math
= 1560</p>

<p>I didn't take the SAT yet.</p>

<p>Practice Test: 2000
Real SAT: 1960</p>

<p>For the first one I took: Practice SAT: 1900, Real SAT: 2050</p>

<p>Practice: 1540
Real: 1670</p>

<p>I want to curl into a ball and die.</p>

<p>My practise test scores were consistently lower than my real test scores. The highest I got on the SAT I practise was 2280, but my average was usually around 2100- 2200. I got a 2310 on the real thing.</p>

<p>Even SAT 2 Literature my average was <750, with a one off 770. I got 800 on the real deal, so even BB and official practise test books aren't always the most accurate. Sometimes it all comes down to if you're a better tester under pressure/time or a better tester when you're practising.</p>

<p>For my first try of the SAT:
Practice - 2180
Actual - 2000</p>

<p>Second try:
Practice - 2230
Actual - 2190</p>

<p>Subject tests:
Math: Practice 790, 800, 800, Actual 800
Physics: Practice 800, Actual 800
French: Practice 720, Actual 580 (bubbling issue during test most probably)</p>

<p>First practice (diagnostic test): 1890
Average practice test score: 2160
Actual test score: 2100.

<p>Practice: 2150
Actual test score: 2320</p>

<p>I feel extremely lucky. :)</p>

<p>I think it's typical to score alot higher on the real thing. I can never concentrate on the practice tests and don't time myself, get distracted easily, etc.</p>

<p>I just care so much more in the real thing. Anyways:</p>

<p>Practice Tests:
1: 2340
2: 2290
3: 2250
4: 2300</p>

Oct. 2009: 2230
Nov. 2009: 2360</p>

<p>I think the 2230 was just me having a bad day, as I made genuinely stupid mistakes</p>

<p>For practice tests, you take the middle of the score ranges that they give you, right?</p>

<p><em>goes and grabs blue book</em></p>

<p>First practice test: 680CR/660M/750W - 2090
First actual test: 730CR/690M/710W - 2130
Second practice: 680/640/770 - 2090 again
Third practice: 710/640/770 - 2120
Fourth p: 720/690/760 - 2170
Fifth p: 710/690/770 - 2170 again....
Sixth p: 690/660/670 - 2020, ew lol
-Took half of the tests in Ten Real SATs Book (shortened CR and M sections only)-
Seventh p: 750/690/790 - 2230
Eighth p: 760/730/800 - 2290
Second actual test: 710/740/800 - 2250</p>

<p>So there's certainly a pattern of improvement in there.</p>

<p>practice around 2250 average
actual- 2200. FML
here goes january senior yr</p>

<p>Yeah, FYL.</p>

<p>thanks... ><</p>

<p>I'm going down down down to Mephisto's Cafe ^^</p>

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<p>It's alright though dude, don't crack, cause you might not make it back. If you do, you will be alone and you can't live like that but you know when you're wrong, and you're sure as hell not wrong this time.</p>

<p>Also, finally, did you meet a man with kindness in his eyes, and fire in his heart? <- Gayest line by Tomas Kalnoky/Streetlight Manifesto. Cheesiest is definitely "We used to be in love, but now we're just in like..."</p>

<p>Practice: 2100
Real: 2390</p>

<p>Practice: Mostly 2400s, but a few as low as 2350.
Real Test: 2350 Nov score</p>

<p>practice 2350 (blue book one)</p>

<p>real test 2360 </p>

<p>not surprising since the practice test i took was just two weeks before my exam, and it was a blue book test. i think the blue book tests are a bit easier than the real thing tho, or at least the one i took, so there was some improvement there.</p>

<p>blue book practice tests: around 2280</p>

<p>actual NOV score: 2230</p>

<p>the essay kinda killed me :(</p>

<p>taking it again january</p>

<p>I didn't have time to do the whole tests, so I usually assume a 800 for my math. I got a 2160 on the mock test the day before, and scored a ****ing 1980 on the actual day...</p>

<p>That was so upsetting.</p>