Post to exchange essay critiques - UC Prompt edition

<p>Like the title says, post if you want to trade essays with me and swap critiques. UC essays only.</p>

<p>I'll trade with you but I only have my prompt 2 currently xD.</p>

<p>PM me =P prompt 2</p>

<p>do you wanna swap with me? i think it'll be good to have someone you dont know read it.... and get feedbacks too. PM both prompt 1 and 2??</p>

<p>PM me asap cause the uc server's gonna lag like in 2 days</p>

<p>anyone wanna swap. i have 1 only tho.</p>

<p>Ill trade with you! I only have one as well but any help would be appreciated. thanks. also can you "pM" me? cause i have no clue how to do trhat :p</p>

<p>bump 10 cars on the driveway</p>

<p>I'll critique, but as for my essay, I wrote it not as two prompt-separate essays. </p>

<p>I desperately need some grammar editing and cutting down (I'm over the word count by about 300 words)</p>

<p>I need a competent editor, the last person I swapped with wrote like an 8th grader.</p>

<p>pm me. prompt 1</p>

<p>I'll take a look, mine is pretty rough right now tho, could def use some help. Just PM me.</p>

<p>pm me yours and ill pm mine back. prompt #1</p>