Post Vax Life

H and I were just talking about our trip this morning coupled with FL’s having every county on the naughty list and being the cause of 20% of the month’s new Covid cases and both of us said, “We’re glad we’re not going to DW!”

Different strokes for different folks. DW in the summer is rarely on our list and the last time we went in summer prior to dropping our Eckerd boy off for college we swore, “never again in the summer!” We lived in FL for five years and moved out partially due to summer heat - the other part being too far from the grandparents.

Love the state in the winter though. It’s often where we spend Feb, including a bit of 2020 during Covid (we were camping - seemed extremely safe). This coming year we’ll see how we like St Thomas though. The Caribbean in Feb beats FL for us. I hope Covid doesn’t mess that up. As I think about it, maybe I’ll reserve our favorite campground in FL as a back up - just in case.

Here in San Diego I am masking up anytime I am indoors even being fully vaccinated. We have been eating out and did have dinner indoors last Friday night at a favorite local bar we have not been able to go to since the beginning of Covid. This week H and I have decided that we will only eat out if we are seated outside for now.

D2 would like to go to Bermuda at the end of September and stay with family, but that will depend on what they are requiring at that point to enter the country. D1 is heading to a wedding with her bf next week in CT. Both of them have good masks and face shields for the flight.

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For sure. A couple of weeks ago my family caught a non-covid respiratory thing going around (my son picked it up at a swim meet). Laid me out for 3 days with a fever. Very unusual for me. Read up on it - apparently it is to be expected that with all the precautions people have taken in the past year, there will be significant outbreaks of all kinds now that the restrictions have lifted.

Lots of testing sites have closed around here, and walk-ins are hard to find. Appointments are scheduling 2-3 days out, and results take 2-3 days. To be clear, my admin and her SO were tested and confirmed cases. Both got the pfizer vaccine.


Re: Disney’s masking indoors rule: My family was at Disneyland, twice, post vaccination but before California dropped masking and capacity restrictions. The single best thing Disney did to mitigate spread, IMO, was have virtually all of the waiting for rides happen outdoors, and with more spacing than normal (not necessarily 6 feet but not shoulder to shoulder either). I hope they consider continuing to do that if possible, because I think outdoors without masks is probably safer than indoors with masks.

The Delta Variant is out of control here in Florida. 92 people died of Covid-19 just yesterday in Florida. I’m fully vaccinated, but so many people here refuse. It is going to get really ugly.

Is it a booster of the same vaccine (targeted toward older variants of the virus), or a booster specifically made for the B.1.617.2 / Delta spike protein?

Which part of California?

In some of the highest-vaccinated parts of California, mask use in grocery stores and such is still high. If you want to be “safe”, buy your groceries at a 99 Ranch Market or similar store, where it is likely almost everyone in there both is vaccinated and wears a mask.

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If you triple the case numbers to consider the rate among just the unvaccinated (about 1/3 or less in many parts of the bay area), then you can see the magnitude of virus spread among the unvaccinated (while the vaccinated can mostly safely spectate).

I’m thinking they are or will be running both trials (the first is ongoing and starting the other in Aug?). He’d take whatever they’d accept him for.

In my mind he’d be an ideal candidate. 20 something, healthy, last vax back in Jan, works there so easy to track with a lot of potential exposure. I don’t know exactly who they are looking for in the trials though. His GF might also have signed up to see if she can be chosen. She works in the section where people are recovering from Covid until they can go home. Her stories are sad. Anyone choosing not to get vaxed really should work there for a week or so.

Emeryville (because that’s where Amtrak stops) and SF if we opt to go sightseeing. That was Plan A, but Plan B of just enjoying ourselves in Emeryville is fine too. Our “trip” is really seeing the US by rail - something we’ve never done before.

Trader Joe’s is within walking distance of our hotel I believe. We’re not renting a car.

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The general area has full vaccination rates of 60-90% of eligible people; vaccination rates tend to correlate to the SES level of the local area.

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I am vaccinated plus I had Covid so I feel pretty safe. I don’t wear a mask unless required (doctors office). I live in Orange County, CA. A friend visited from Northern California and commented that there were significantly more people without masks here.


Human behavior is fascinating. By and large people do what they see.

That’s not a political statement. It applies to so many things - from masks to applying to colleges.


When were they vaxxed? I got my 2nd dose back in February, so I am very concerned with the waning immunity.

My life didn’t change much post-vaccination. We still do grocery pickup, and never went to an indoor restaurant. I started going back to church, but that might stop soon (I figured out a pretty safe to do it, but now with the low rate of vaccination in my area, I am rethinking even this.)

I received Moderna, and would gladly accept a 3rd dose of Pfizer. Moderna always seems to be a few steps behind Pfizer. I wonder if they will allow the Moderna recipients to get a Pfizer 3rd dose. I know (saw on CC) that people have figured out ways to bypass any vaccine registry issues, so I may have to investigate that at some point.

I am angry (as I’ve posted on another thread) with what the antivaxxers/antimaskers have caused, and would fully support any vaccine mandates or restrictions on the unvaxxed by choice.


Regarding wearing masks in California:

Note that indoor mask wearing is still required for all in mass transit, taxi, ride share, health care settings, and a few other situations that most tourists are unlikely to visit.

Mask wearing is required for unvaccinated people in other indoor public settings and businesses, but businesses may choose to use the honor system, check “vaccination or mask”, or require masks for all. Most appear to choose the honor system (which is probably widely cheated on), though a few require masks for all (have not seen a business checking “vaccination or mask”, though some bars in San Francisco have started to require vaccination (not “vaccination or mask”)).

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I want to say mid-April? They dutifully waited until it was their turn. They did it in different locations and days, so it isn’t like they got a bad dose.

I got the J&J vaccine, and am immune compromised. I really really want a booster, too.


I have a hard time believing that it would be problematic to get a vaccine as a booster after getting full vaccination from a different vaccine, assuming no medical contraindications for the specific vaccine.

The issue I ran into, aside from wanting the blessing from my doc, is that it is regulated by insurance. My regular pharmacy wouldn’t do a booster just because I asked for one. I did my original shot through them, and I am in their records. Even if I paid out of pocket.

I would have to go rogue somewhere completely different, and lie about not having been vaccinated before or having insurance. And I know the county and state have my records, so not sure if the vax cites check.

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I meant in a medical sense that I doubt that getting a different vaccine would be a problem outside of known contraindications for a specific vaccine. Indeed, could it even be a benefit for those people who get a stronger immune response from one type of vaccine versus another?

I was really enjoying the re-opening of the world! I am going to have to will myself to be more careful indoors, especially seeing psychotherapy clients in my office. Masks back on for sure!