Post Vax Life

This is a thread created for those of us who are Post Covid vaxed to share life - what’s going on, who requires proof (or not), whether we want/need boosters and why, annoyances from those choosing not to get vaxed, whatever. If it deals with Covid now that vaxes are available and have been chosen by many of us, it belongs on here. It’s a Cafe - discuss as we might if we were sitting at a table in a Cafe! :sunglasses:

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As for me, I’m still debating whether or not to wear a mask as I head to the grocery store in half an hour. We’re in one of 7 (of 67) counties in PA where the CDC recommends it due to spread, but I know very few others in the store will be wearing them. Since I’m not at risk due to having been vaxed within the past 6 months, do I really care about those who chose not to?

Medical boy has his name in to see if he can get in a booster trial. His last vax was in Jan and he comes in contact with Covid+ people at the hospital. How often depends upon what he’s doing, but they’re there and he’s past the 6 month time period. I hope he gets in.

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I’m still masking up any time I go indoors. I cannot “trust” those around me to be considerate enough of others. I still use hand sanitizer when I leave a store, and I try not to handle too many things when shopping. I don’t wear a mask outdoors unless there are a lot of people. I still am not going to restaurants/cafes unless it’s take away (and I can count how many times I’ve done that since March 2020 on one hand). This may be my personal new normal.


I don’t think there’s any “Not at risk” anymore because of the Delta variant. I’m at less risk vaccinated, but wearing a mask indoors is such any easy way to lessen it even more, and lessen the small chance off transmitting to grandkids. It’s a no-brainer to me.

Still no plans to eat indoors. have been to some outdoor events–baseball game when there was still a vaccinated section, zoo, parks. Started eating outdoors this summer.


I still wear masks in public, mostly because I enjoyed not being sick the last year plus.

However, I still feel really lousy from my second vaccine, so I am not really going out much at all and, if I do, I am exhausted and dizzy the next 24 hours.
I had an immediate instant reaction when given the vaccine & stayed an extra 15 minutes due to chest pressure. I was couchbound for 8-10 days, and I assumed that was a normal post-vaccine reaction. Eight weeks later I still felt lousy, now it’s been four months and I am still feeling lousy, QOL is impaired. I can only imagine how bad I would have been had I caught Covid!


Our family is back to 100% indoor masking. We have eaten at restaurants many times in the past few weeks, and I have a lunch appointment tomorrow, but after that we are talking about going back to 100% cooking at home.

Pre-COVID, we used to do a lot of hiking locally, but now the trails are crowded and unpleasant. Honestly it feels like we just don’t do much of anything now. Hopefully the fall will be better.


H and I and two teen kids, all vaccinated, are spending part of the summer in Massachusetts, Cape/Islands. Mass. has high vax rate, but of course there are tourists from all over. Not very much masking at all, maybe an ever so slight uptick in the past couple of weeks, especially among supermarket employees. I’m going to continue to go maskless for now, though my husband does put his on in places like the supermarket.

I’m trying to stay positive and not get too worked up about others’ choices, but it does grate on me to see children who are very clearly under 12 going maskless in shops, supermarket, etc. (of course, my issue is with the parents, not the kids). Delta is so contagious, and we know school age children do spread the virus fairly efficiently, so this is just so inappropriate (not to mention illegal in some states, like California; not sure about the details of Mass. mask rules).


Me too @JustaMom!

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Our family of 5 is fully vaccinated, went back to masks, already many cases at my younger 2 children’s school, currently one of mine is sick so is multiple friends all fully vaccinated suspect breakthrough cases. Definitely wish we would have never stopped wearing the masks.


We just returned from the store and opted not to wear masks, but that was in good part because hardly anyone else was at the store at the same time. Rural living has its benefits. Most of the time we had a complete aisle to ourselves. At most we shared it with one other person who was at the other end.

No employees were masked (nor do they have to solely based upon the CDC’s recommendation) and only one customer was masked.

I’m glad that’s done. We’re going to Chick Fil A for lunch, but will do the drive thru.

We start our 12 day train trip next week (4 days of it stopping off in CA). I wonder what we’ll see along the way. Glad we have our own roomette for most of it. The trains are supposedly still requiring masks. I wonder if IRL it will be enforced or not. We don’t mind wearing them and plan on doing so - except in our roomette.

In CA we’re going to play it by ear. We can sightsee or be content in our hotel overlooking the bay amusing ourselves. 'Tis an Anniversary trip after all. Last year’s anniversary we got a cabin on a creek and amused ourselves (including kayaking - we were the only ones on the creek the day we went).

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My family is vaxed and my office is vaxed. We never stopped wearing masks at the office or going indoors anywhere.

Good thing, too - my assistant’s SO (vaxed) got covid last week, gave it to my assistant, who was sick enough with it to seriously think about going to the ER. She is getting better though. She has serious asthma issues, and I am grateful for the vax; if she weren’t vaxed, I can’t imagine how she would have fared.

My family and I all got tested and self-quarantined. Results back yesterday - negative. Same with some others in the office. Whew. So far the transmission chain stopped with my assistant and everyone will be ok. Masks work, even with a double breakthrough situation.

Now I am debating about the college trip kiddo and I are going on next week. Supposed to fly into St Louis.


We are all fully vaxed and do not wear masks unless required. I really disliked wearing a mask and don’t think I will ever wear one again unless they change the rules back to requiring them.


I’m curious to know if you live in an area with current rapid spread or not.

Don’t think I’m being judgmental. I do live in one and just went to the store without a mask (as reported before, only one person in the store had a mask, but the store wasn’t at all crowded - not even lines to check out). I’m just curious how others are handling the masking bit based upon Covid in their area.

For us, if we had to be somewhere inside for a long period of time like an office or church or something, we’d mask up. The store is a large building and wasn’t crowded. Fortunately, we don’t have to be indoors with crowds, so we’re opting not to with the spread around us.

Fwiw, my assistant’s SO suspects he picked it up at a Costco. It is one of the few times if any he went maskless in the days before he got symptoms. But who knows.

We are in the Bay Area, in a pretty high vaccination area, and the new case numbers aren’t horrible.

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Bad summer colds are pretty widespread right now, per a NY Times article I read a few weeks ago. I myself had one in mid June the first week California lifted its mask mandate. I did get tested for COVID (negative), mainly because I developed a slight fever, very unusual for me. I would not assume breakthrough cases unless verified by testing or some clear cut COVID symptom like loss of taste/smell.


I am in MA. Our county is not one of the ones with the higher rate of spread.

But, next week we are going on vacation to Walt Disney World and we don’t plan on wearing them there either unless required. We are hoping that Disney does not change the rules back and start requiring them again

I thought I read somewhere that Disney will once again require masks indoors.


I heard on the news this morning that Disney is going back to requiring masks indoors.


Says in this article that Disney is requiring masks again.


Well dang it. My family will not be happy.