post withdrawal disbursement notice

<p>Im confused, I withdrew all of my courses this semester and got this letter. It says I can either authorize it or not authorize. If they owed anything to me they would just send a check right? Are they askign me whether or not I want the money back?</p>

<p>no one has heard of this before?</p>

<p>how was your tuition paid?</p>

<p>half aid half cash. This is regrading PELL money it says I "earned" a portion of the pell money for the semester then it says do u approve or not approve of this disbursement. I figure if they had to refund me any money I would just get a check.</p>

<p>Because you withdrew prior to the issuance of the Pell Grant funds, the school was required to perform a special calculation (R2T4) to determine whether any of the Pell Grant funds had been earned. In this case, it sounds like some of the Pell funds were earned, but not received. In order for the school to request the earned portion of the funds, they have to have your permission. Since part of the tuition bill was paid for in cash, you may consider giving them permission...this might afford you a small refund or reduce any balance that is due to the school.</p>

<p>I guess my question is what happens if I "approve" vs if I check off "disapprove" =/</p>

<p>If you approve the post withdrawal disbursement, the school will request and receive the portion of the Pell Grant that you earned. The funds would then be applied to your student account and any excess money, money not needed to cover the allowable tuition charges, will be sent to you. If you currently owe a balance to the school, that balance would be reduced by the funds received from the post-withdrawal Pell disbursement. If you deny the disbursement, the funds will not be sent to the school. If you are already due a refund, it will still be sent, but only based on the funds paid prior to this notice. If you still owe a balance to the school, then that balance will remain the same.</p>

<p>Does this make more sense?</p>

<p>I dont owe anything (just checked) nor do they owe me a refund so i should approve it and wait for the refund? Thank you for doing this I thought that only clueless undergrads hovered around the forum lol</p>

<p>My personal and professional opinion is to approve the disbursement and receive the funds that you are due. Even though you dropped, you have earned that portion of the funds.</p>

<p>There are quite a few who hover around this forum who have a good understanding of how financial aid works. Then there are people like me who are Financial Aid Aministrators that have no life outside of financial aid who linger here too!</p>

<p>Hi Nikki,</p>

<p>It is not that we don't want you to have a life or anything, but we like that you linger and we hope that you can linger a little more often :)</p>

<p>Sybbie...I am happy to linger around the boards as much as possible. In all honesty, I love being a financial aid administrator and I like being able to assit students in becoming successful. Unfortunately for my husband and children, financial aid has become who I am....and not just my chosen career.</p>