Post your goal schedule for next year

<p>can't wait for this stressful junior year to be over</p>

<p>to keep me sane from all the work, I got this dream to look forward to:</p>

<p>(after I take English and Gov't over summer break, PE if I want to have free period slot for both semesters)</p>

<p>AP Chem
AP Physics C
AP Calculus A/B (taking it easy)
Free Period ( or AP Stat if I feel like it)
Free Period ( or PE :( )
Free Period</p>

<p>can't wait :D</p>

<p>Multivariable calc w/ differntial equations
Hon french 4
Hon physics
Ap lit
Ap econ m/m
Ap stat
Ap comp sci</p>

<p>Junior Year:
AP English III
AP US History
Honors Pre-Calculus
Honors Physics
French III
Empty slot</p>

<p>Freshman Year College:
Macroeconomics 101
Calculus I
Writing Seminar
Chinese Language and Culture</p>

<p>2nd Semester:
Microeconomics 101
Calculus II
University Physics
International Business Course with History
Chinese or and International relations course</p>

<p>Junior Year: My schedule is basically pretty much figured out since my school doesn’t let you choose what AP’s you take, it’s pre-determined and set unless you’re in senior year.</p>

<p>AP Bio
AP English
AP US History
AP Calculus AB (Probably, and hopefully if there is no problems with 3+ AP’s since my school has a rule about only 3 AP’s a year, but my ALG2/Trig teacher said she would recommend me to AP Calc if I get a high enough score on the regents)
Cisco Tech
Wind Ensemble (most advanced form of band in my school)

<p>Senior year</p>

<p>AP Literature
AP Calculus AB (or BC, depending on how well I do in Pre-Cal this year)
AP Gov/AP Econ
AP Euro
Independent Studies and Mentorship
Law I+II</p>

AP French IV (not sure if I’m proficient enough to do well in this class :/)
AP Studio Art 2D (depending on how I manage AP drawing this year)</p>

<p>Only on CC would this actually happen.</p>

<p>AP English Lang.
Honors Chem.
Honors Pre-Calc.

<p>My sixth class is up for debate. If AP Government and Politics is offered, then I will either take that or Japanese I. Maybe AP Statistics.</p>

<p>Junior year, by the way. Not nearly as rigorous as I’d like, but that’s what I get for taking AP Physics a year early.</p>

<p>Senior Year:</p>

<p>AP Physics B
AP Calculus BC
AP Spanish Language
AP Government
AP English Literature
Chem Lab Assistant
Nothing :D</p>

<p>Hopefully for senior year!</p>

<li>AP Gov</li>
<li>AP English Lit.</li>
<li>AP Calc AB</li>
<li>AP Chemistry (probably not though)</li>
<li>AP Calc BC (probably not as well; I doubt they’ll let me take AB and BC at the same time)</li>
<li>Psychology (maybe not; depends on how my schedule works; it’s not AP, but definitely self study)
That’d be my dream schedule for next year. >.<</li>

<p>If not, I have no freakin clue then! Maybe Spanish 4? :/</p>


  1. AP Calculus BC
  2. AP US History
  3. AP Computer Science
  4. Online Spanish 1
  5. Honors English 11
  6. Physical Education
  7. Chemistry
  8. Online AP Micro/Macro</p>

<p>Might not take the economics if I feel like it is too much work</p>

AP World History
H English 10
AP Chemistry
Honors Math Analysis/Calculus
H Spanish 2
Marching Band/Advanced Band</p>

<p>Next year is senior year for me, and it’s going to be so much better than this year. I’ve filled all my graduation requirements except for an English credit, and I’ve taken most of the difficult, academic courses I want to. Now it’s time for some relaxation. :D</p>

<p>AP Psych
Honors Forensics
AP Literature
AP Statistics
French 6 (It’s the film class)
Honors Physics
Internship period (which means that I get to leave almost an hour early:) )</p>

<p>Senior Year
AP Calculus AB
AP Chemistry
AP Literature
AP US Government
Strength Training - Fall
Varsity Baseball - Spring</p>


<p>AP Calc AB
AP Calc BC
AP English
AP Govt
AP Chemistry
Honors French/Honors Strategic Marketing/Another AP?
Honors Yearbook</p>


<p>Honors English III
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP American History
Honors Trigonometry/Advanced Algebra
Windows Applications
Latin III
Warfare in History
Advance Debate (depends on how I do this year)</p>

AP Chem
AP Bio
AP Environmental Science
AP World History
AP Lang
AP Stat
Principles of Engineering (PLTW)</p>


<p>AP Physics C
AP Chem
Advanced Chem Lab
French 4/5
AP Lit
AP Calc BC</p>

<p>Introduction to Analysis</p>


<p>AP English 10
AP Physics
French 3H
AP Statistics
Honors Pre-Calc
AP Psych</p>

<p>(This isn’t a concrete schedule whatsoever, FYI)</p>

<p>Senior: (These are classes I want to take… Will I is another story…)
AP English
Senior English
AP European History
Anatomy + Physiology
AP Statistics
Spanish 5
French 3
Latin 1

<p>I only have 8 periods to work with… TT_TT and I really, really wanna take all these classes.</p>

<p>Junior Year:
Plan 1 (stay at current school)
Honors Calculus
AP Calculus AB
Honors English 11
Honors US History
Health Sciences 2
Honors Spanish 3
Honors Genetics and Biotechnology
Honors Psychology</p>

<p>Plan 2 (transfer to amazing boarding school)
American Studies (US History and American Lit)
AP Calculus BC
AP Chemistry
Intermediate Spanish
Advanced Physics
Music Composition, Arranging, and Theory
Medical Ethics and Leadership
Anatomy and Physiology</p>