Post your random thoughts 2nd Edition

<p>The original thread was taking up too much space.
Let's start a new one, shall we?</p>

<p>I am going to eat lunch now.</p>

<p>I just had lunch- yellow mini tomatoes.</p>

<p>I'm sorry, you're not allowed to start a 'Random thoughts' thread unless you have been a member of CC for at least a year.</p>

<p>Sorry, I replied with a PM.
I am actually a CC veteran.</p>

<p>^^You the boss</p>

<p>I just noticed that we have same number of posts, HarleyLewis.</p>

<p>I wonder how long this thread will last for.</p>

<p>sorry, you can't steal that thread.</p>

<p>I am annoyed by this.</p>

<p>It feels like publishing a book, second impression. :D </p>

<p>^ that means your original idea is sooo popular that it needs a second printing. Isn't that good then?</p>

I am annoyed by this.


But imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.</p>

<p>^Miley Cyrus.</p>

<p>I think TheYankinLondon belongs to the Old Money.</p>

<p>^ I'm not THAT old...</p>

<p>You are a 2014er, and heading to Caltech.
You belong to the Old Money.</p>

<p>^ HA I believe it is your info that is old!
But yeah I am now done with High School if that was your point... But so are (at least) TCBH, CPA and Romani.</p>

<p>I have stalked you quite a bit, so I know.</p>

<p>^ That's not creepy at all [/sarcasm] Especially as I do not recognize your username...</p>

<p>My name is kingsize, nice to meet you!</p>

<p>So I guess this thread died.</p>