Post your random thoughts

<p>Whatever you are thinking right now... Post it... Apart from anything that will get you banned that is...</p>

<p>I'll go first: I just shaved and have serious razor burn,my face hurt's like hell and I want to watch Doctor Who... God Billie Piper is attractive...</p>

<p>I need to shave but I am too lazy</p>

<p>I somehow got 3692% error on a lab in AP Chem</p>

<p>^ Lol NICE! At least you didn;t accidentally make 4 ounces of TNT... (I did that last year)</p>

<p>lol that would be epic haha</p>

<p>labs are so fun, but I fail so badly at them :b</p>

<p>They are fun and I am terrible, then again the reason they are ful is because we ALWAYS use a bit over double the amount of stuff necessary, rarely is there a lab where we don't create something awesome like an explosion or purple fire... We also managed to convince our teacher to let us listen to music while we do our labs so whenever the instructions say "let boil for X minutes" we have a spontaneous dance party.</p>

<p>hurrah for extravagant labs!</p>

<p>Indeed! By the way could you find the link to the "magic admissions letter" thread and PM the link for me (or you could revive it yourself). It's not in my past 200 posts and as you seem to be quite the CC historian I figured you'd definately be able to find it!</p>


<p>cached on google is hit or miss :/</p>

<p>Random though...hmm let me see. I have a couple right now jumbling in my head.
School Council meeting that I just came from, some budget cuts for my school had been announced :P
I'm thinking of playing Maple Story because my brother is playing.
Wanting to eat some food, or watch a movie.
The throbbing pain of a breaking heart, ah.</p>

<p>lol Maple Story</p>

<p>read "Asphodel, that Greeny Flower" by William Carlos Williams. I love that poem</p>

<p>I'm with you on the broken heart. </p>

<p>I hate it when writers for the paper don't do what they're supposed to do because then it falls on me to do everything in the last three days. I don't know why I do newspaper, it's just a week of major stress every month.</p>

<p>well fundamentally, money is a barter of exchange. that’s all. if exchange could be done magically without money, it would be done without money.</p>

<p>originally i theorized that money was really just a means to motivate people to work. yes, but then, there is nothing to keep ppl from hoarding. in a world of limited resources, money is a way to place relative value on resources so that people wont hoard. if everything was free but limited, people would still trade.</p>

<p>in fact, everything IS free but limited when population densities were low. early humans lived off plants and animals. then when populations expanded, people could put EFFORT to convert natural resources into other things and money motivated them to put in the time needed to convert things into other things (since conversions often result in less time needed to get resources [and resources that one wouldn't otherwise get from the natural world]).</p>

<p>anyways though, when wealth could be created ON HARD DRIVES, AND WHEN ROBOTS WORK FOR US, AND STORAGE CAPACITY IS UNLIMITED, then in effect, money would be finally much less useful and everyone could just waste time doing whatever they wanted and robots would still cater to their needs and they wouldn’t have to work at all (since robots would gather natural resources from the world and give it to them). natural resources would still exist in limited amounts, but as long as the population wasn’t too high, there would be enough resources to go around while everyone lived off their hard drives (and other things that they needed but not in high quantities). But some people would still relish in the physical, and the physical would still be dependent on the limited amount of resources available (although it would appear to be unlimited if the population was small).</p>


<p>There are two fundamental ways of learning</p>

<p>(a) general to specific
(b) specific to general (e.g. case studies)</p>

<p>Scientific hypotheses (general) are motivated by experiments (specific). With data, one can hypothesize a trend and see the general hypotheses</p>

<p>One can also try this process mathematically, as specific results can motivate a hypothesis of the general structure, which can then be proved.</p>

<p>Which way is faster? It depends on person. It might be plausible that learning styles are “bunk” and that smarter students are more efficient through learning of type (a), but it’s also quite plausible that this is not true (for one thing, learning is dependent on both intelligence and motivation/interest, and the motivation/interest component can make type b learning more efficient even for geniuses). I, for one, learn best through the “specific to general” method. As such, I believe that I learn math best when it’s motivated by physical phenomena (in other words, learning math “along the way of doing science”) than when pursuing math first and then learning science (which is what I did, which didn’t work as well as I hoped, especially since it killed my motivation). As I’m quite familiar with the climate trends of specific localities, I also learn the generalities of climate best through case studies.</p>

<p>And then after learning the applications of this math field, one is more motivated to learn the specifics of the math behind the math, and one even has more physical intuition through this learning route. It actually means something when one learns through the second route.</p>

<p>It is also true, however, that route (b) can be taken too far, as is evident in the “discovery-based” math curricula, which generally produce poor results. When one is self-motivated, route (b) can be especially rewarding, but the selection of case studies is important, as an improper selection of case studies can result in a very minute exploration of the general structure (it is also true that very few textbooks are written in a way as to make route (b) most exciting to learn about). Generally textbooks present their material as ends, not as means to an end (except in the crappy discovery-based math textbooks). However, one can most certainly learn calculus through physics (especially div/grad/curl), and linear algebra through its applications, and a very smart (or lucky) person can design such a curriculum that would work for many people (it is much easier to design such curriculums for oneself than it is for a wide variety of personalities).</p>

<p>Nonetheless, route (b) is often stultifying. In fact, I sometimes feel impatient and feel like I’d rather learn the math first. A person’s temperament may vary from time to time, and find type a rewarding at some types, and type b rewarding at other times.</p>


<p>so one thing ive always wondered: in pharmacology, is the dose/mg really valid? this assumes that the extra cells (fat or muscle cells) have equal uptake of the drug as all other cells do, AND that blood vessel growth is proportional to weight growth. but i dont think this assumption is totally valid. more fat might spring up new blood vessels, but what is the extra volume of all these blood vessels? well, fat tends to grow on “layers”. fat tends to distribute itself throughout the periphery of the body, so the blood vessel networks on the outer periphery have more surface area to unit volume? (as in, it’s the sort of thing that has a high surface area to volume ratio). so that would make blood vessels from fat cells act in a way that overrepresents the blood vessel growth from fat growth. of course there is an opposite trend too – the blood vessels from new fat cells are just new blood vessels, but they’re not major new blood vessels – there’s a fixed amount of blood vessel mass in every person of some arbitrary height.</p>

<p>there’s another assumption to – that new blood vessel growth will trigger the production of plasma + blood cells that increases in proportion to increased blood vessel growth</p>


<p>10/24/2008: (as that dude once said, Nothing in biology can be understood except under the light of evolution). in other subjects you have “motivations”; in biology you have “selection pressure”. ya. And in chemistry you have “most stable structure” which corresponds to “lowest energy level” or if u want to get really theoretical (statistical mechanics) you have entropy and “which permutation is MOST likely”. so that’s the motivation for chemistry. the motivation for physics is something like that too – statistical mechanics. HAHA. nothing in physics can be understood except under the light of statistical mechanics. SAME FOR CHEMISTRY!! and for biology it’s the same too! cuz evolution is really statistical mechanics. And then what of math? nothing in math can be understood except under the light of the arbitrariness of the axioms lol. that’s right! okay. and then what else? oh yeah social sciences. those are really just huge amounts of data. which all reduce down to statistical mechanics at the end. because in the end, the vast majority of permutations will be permutations of the heat death of the universe anyways</p>

<p>My left bicep is really sore. I can't really extend my arm the whole way. I should probably get some advil or something.</p>

<p>" Simfish is like Natalina only less interesting.</p>

<p>Wait--where is Natalina? I haven't noticed her for awhile."</p>

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<p>" I think we're all aware that a) you are an intellectual and b) you have ADHD or something like it.</p>

<p>At this point there is no need to continue proving it. "</p>

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<p>" Seriously though, I hate you."</p>

<p>" Please ban simfish"</p>

<p>" I appreciate all your replies.</p>

<p>Brock is now officially less annoying then Simfish."</p>

<p>" Do you have a topic creation quota you try to meet everyday?"</p>

<p>" LOL, why Simfish? You seemed so intelligent up to now."</p>

<p>" Simfish. Nobody cares. Understood? We get it, you suffer from depression and take SSRI's. Now stop. Please."</p>

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<p>And I mean it. It just plain sucks. "</p>

<p>"Can we ban Simfish? Or at least make posts talking about how much you want/use adderall and posting long, out-of-context pharmaceutical studies against the CoC?"</p>

<p>^The Sound and the Fury, placed in the Cafe before its incredible decline</p>

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<p>I am procrastinating a MASSIVE amount of physics homework due tomorrow. Oh well is Physics B so it doesnt matter anyway....</p>

<p>I'm tired.</p>

<p>I don't understand why friends can get mad at you for the stupidest things!! >:/</p>

<p>I hate midterms.</p>

<p>It is extraordinary how very little some things matter to a person.</p>