~*Post Your Schedules!*~

<p>Here's mine (no particular major but many peculiar interests):</p>

<p>Chem 4A: General Chem. (4 Units)
L&S 44: Western Civ. (5 Units)
Linguistics 100: Intro to Linguistic Science (4 Units)</p>

<p>MCB 90B: The New Biology (1 Unit)
Near Eastern Studies 98: Islam 101 (1 Unit)
HIST 24: Apartheid in South Africa (1 Unit)</p>

<p>Total: 16 Units</p>

<p>STATUS: Freshman</p>

<p>MAJOR: Hopefully Mass Comm, but not positive at this time.</p>

Math 16A (3)
Anthropology 3AC (4)
Physics for Future Presidents (3)
EITHER: Psych 2 (3) OR Poli Sci 1 (4) --- (I want Psych 2 and was waitlisted because it reserves seats for upperclassmen, but signed up for Poli Sci just in case) </p>

<p>Total: 13 or 14 Units</p>


<p>watch out for that Western Civ class, there's a TONNNN of reading</p>

<p>Social and cultural anthropology (4)
Intro to peace and conflict studies (4)
Creative Writing: Intro to Poetry (4)
Polisci lecture course where c-grade politicians come in and speak (1)</p>

<p>It feels so light but they said to stay between 13-15 and I couldn't get into a frosh seminar cuz my calSO was so late.</p>

<p>CHEM 105
CHEM 135
CHEM 200
EPS C181 (NUTSCI 10 if this doesn't work out)
EPS 185 </p>

<p>I'm shooting for 13 units. Please join the 3 of us for EPS C181 =)</p>

<p>I checked out the books required for LS44--there is indeed quite a bit of reading.</p>

<p>I'm still doing some juggling with my schedule. I know what chem 1a course I will for sure be taking but the 3 other courses are up in the air atm (I have signed up for backups). </p>

<p>Actually, if anyone reads this. What is a nice class to fulfill the second part of the R&C requirement? I want to get the stupid thing out of the way now so I can save "fun" humanities courses, like Psych, for later.</p>

<p>Prepping for Business Admin/Econ/PEIS</p>

<p>Math 16A
Physics for Future Presidents
Rhetoric R1A
IAS 45</p>

<p>Anyone have any feedback on Math 16A or IAS 45 in terms of difficulty?</p>

<p>Math 53 (4)
Physics 7B (4)
CS 61A (4)
Scrabble Decal (2)</p>

<p>stat 21 for business -4
intro to nutrition 10 -3
math 16b -3
english 1a -4</p>

<p>Math 16A
Physics For Future Presidents
Philosophy 12A
Why We Laugh: Analysis of Comedy (Decal)
Freshman Experience seminar</p>

<p>Math 1A
L&S R44 (Western Civ)
Astro C10 (Intro to Astronomy)
MCB C62 (Drugs and the Brain)</p>


<p>Might drop MCB C62 if it gets to be too much</p>

<p>Math 16a
Comp Lit R1A
Chem 1a
PMB 10

<p>Total: 15 units</p>

<p>EPS 170 AC
English 24 (Seminar)
History 8A
De-Cal (P/NP)
Total: 15 units</p>

<p>Anthropolgy 2AC
Celtic Studies R1A
Math 1A</p>

<p>Total: 16 Units</p>

<p>Major: Political Science</p>

<p>Polsci2 - Intro to Comparative Politics (4)</p>

<p>L&S C70V - Physics for Future Presidents (3)</p>

<p>Classics 10A - Intro to Greek Civilization (4)</p>

<p>James Bond Decal (2)</p>

<p>Total: 13 Units</p>

<p>Also signed up for PACS 125AC and may take that in place of Intro to Greek Civ. Does anyone have any advice? Jerry Sanders the professor for PACS...looks like theres nothing but horror stories about him...not sure if I should do that one</p>

<p>How much reading/writing/work is IAS 45? What about Political Science 2?</p>

<p>chem 4A (4)
math 1A (4)
chem C96 seminar (1)
linguistics (4)
slavic (4)</p>

<p>total 17 units</p>


<p>Math 1A (w/ Steele, unfortunately)
CS 61A (my passion)
Econ 1 (love economics)
South Asian R5A (not so sure about this class...)</p>

<p>Is Steele good/bad? He had no reviews on ratemyprofessors</p>