Post your spring schedule-

<p>I see the finish line of a horrendous fall schedule... going to lighten the load a bit for the spring:</p>

<p>Fluid Mechanics
Rock Properties
Mechanics of Materials
Structural Geology

<p>Spring is two quarters away. Here is my tentative Winter schedule:</p>

<p>Vector Analysis
Particles and Waves II
Development of Software Components
English (still haven't taken it! but now my not having taken it is affecting which other GEC courses I can take, so I'm taking it now so's I can take some film classes for the easy A)</p>

<p>This is my Winter schedule :
Discrete mathematics
Development of Software
Software Engineering

<p>CS major :)</p>

Biomedical Device Design
Selling High Tech Products
Chem 1b</p>

<p>Fifteen credits for the spring if I make it. </p>

<p>highway engineering
engineering mechanics of soils
design of concrete structures
engineering professionalism (pointless course)</p>

<p>Assuming I succeed in getting into them in time:</p>

<p>Computer Science II
Military History
One or both of Elementary Spanish and Game Theory</p>

<p>programming with data structures
multivar calc
gen chem 2 + lab
and some combination of geneds to top me to 16+ credits</p>

<p>Separations/Mass Transfer
Phase/Chem Equilibria
Unit Ops Lab (assuming I get a spot)
Safety Lab
Linear Algebra</p>

Transport Phenomena
Pharmaceutical Unit Ops (Solids or Liquids)
Polymer Structures & Properties</p>

<p>English II
General Biology I
Calculus II
Physics with Calculus I</p>

<p>I'm signed up at a CC to take:</p>

<p>Physics I
Calc III
Linear algebra</p>

<p>I'm new to the engineering world (I'm coming from an environmental science background) - am I putting too much on my plate with this line up? I keep hearing physics is a b**** and requires a ton of studying, so I'm worried I may be biting off more than I can chew. I figure things will be slightly easier at a CC though.</p>

<p>kdmarsh: No thats a pretty normal schedule. And most people think the first physics class is the easiest</p>

<p>Mine is in quarter system, so i'll list the classes that i'll be taking in winter quarter</p>

<p>Logic Design
Differential Equations
Probability/Statistics for Engineering</p>

<p>I'm a CS major btw :D</p>

<p>Organization of Programming Languages
Elements of Discrete Signal Analysis
Digital Logic Design Lab
Ethical Dimensions of Electrical and Computer Engineering</p>

<p>CompE major</p>

<p>@linoch My CS classes are much more easy x) lol</p>

<p>@NikStudent yea... winter quarter is going to be one of my busiest quarters :(
I wish I could take your classes xD</p>