Post your stats if you got an alumni scholarship!!

<p>I got one, just wondering how the competition was this year...</p>

<p>Use this format:
Attending USC or not</p>

<p>Me: $2,500 per year
SAT: 1430
SAT II: 740, 740, 710
GPA: 4.3
County: won an OC alumni scholarship, still waiting to hear if I won the scholarship from the LA County Alumni Association
Attending?: going to LA or Berkeley because USC is too expensive!!</p>

<p> one? They are awarded by your county of residence and about 1,000 are given out in the entire state...I thought at least one other person would have gotten one!!</p>

<p>bump bump bump</p>

<p>Hey, not everyone in the world visits CC, you know? :)</p>

<p>well you CC people are geniuses so I just figured someone would have gotten a scholarship...Or maybe its just you guys are all going to like Yale and Harvard so you didn't even bother applying for a USC scholarship</p>

<p>oh wow i have a 4.52 gpa 1450 sat's 720 writing, 730 math iic, 760 bio and i didn't get one!! wait was the alumni scholarship automatic apply or did it have a separate application? I'm not sure becuase for scholarships in the application book they just said turn in your app on dec 10 and then you'll be considered, nothing more really.</p>

<p>its a separate application</p>

<p>wow thats shocking....I was expecting to get like 500 responses</p>