Postbacc, SMP, or CC

Going to be very blunt. I did not do very well in undergrad as a premed. I was wondering if its possible to go to a CC & redo my med school requirements to attain a higher GPA or possible take a postbacc or SMP. What would be the best course of action?? PLS HELP!! TY!

Medical schools do not allow grade replacement so retaking pre-reqs is really an exercise in futility. The only reason to retake pre-reqs is if you earned a C- or below in a class. (C- is not considered passing for med school admission.)

A better idea is to take advanced, upper level biology/biochem coursework to show adcomms you are capable of the high level academics that med school requires.

Because CCs don’t offer the higher level coursework you’ll need to demonstrate your academic improvement, I wouldn’t recommend taking coursework there. You really need to take your additional coursework at a 4 year college.

A grade-enhancing post-bacc (either self-directed or a formal program) will help with GPA repair.

A SMP is a possibility, but that depends on just how low (or high) your GPA is. Many SMPs require at least 3.0 to 3.25 sGPA for admission consideration. Many also require a MCAT score for admission.

Be aware that a SMP is a high risk-high reward proposition. If you do well (finish in the top 1/4 of the class/earn a GPA >3.75), then some programs, guarantee an interview at the associated med school. However, if you don’t perform well in a SMP, then your chances for med school admission are forever gone.

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Do you mind me privately messaging for a few questions I have still? Also thanks for the advice youre helping me a great deal thank youu!!!

PM me and I’ll answer if I can.