Postcard from interviewer

<p>My son recently interviewed at Wash U with an admissions officer. They talked about a variety of topics and it turned out that they had a lot in common. He sent her an email thanking her for the interview,and he just received a postcard today from her indicating that she was Impressed with his variety of interests. She specifically mentioned that "you are a jack of all trades!" How would you interpret that? Does it mean master of nothing? I think she was complimenting him, but it's not really clear</p>

<p>I interviewed with a WashU admissions counselor and received a very nice postcard following my interview. Later, I was admitted, and I am now a member of the class of 2016. I would interpret that as a master of a lot of things! Definitely a good comment. Good luck on WashU!!!1 If your son gets in, he should definitely go. It’s such a great place.</p>

<p>Stop obsessing… You shouldn’t be trying to interpret these things… definitely as a parent… posting on an online forums about your kid. Seriously, back off.</p>

<p>Now using simple logic. The post card said she was impressed. So that means that your son impressed the interviewer. Thus, the interviewer probably sent in a good report. Thus, his WashU will see his interview went well. Interviews, while a component of the decision process, is not nearly as influential as recommendations, grades, ecs…</p>

<p>Now seriously back off and stop obsessing. The college process is already stressful enough for students. If he is curious, tell him to come to these forums and post this himself.</p>

<p>woah, wallrus, back off a little. I don’t think OP’s post was particularly obsessive, but rather just curious.</p>


<p>I wouldn’t read anything into this; neither the fact that your son received a post card, nor the wording on the card. I believe it to be fairly standard procedure, and not particularly indicative of her opinions of him. Best of luck to your son.</p>

<p>Thanks to those who came to my support. Wallrus, your words were harsh- you see, my son nearly died twice in the last 18 months from a massive blood clot to his lungs and has faced so many health obstacles that the opportunity to attend a school like WUSTL seemed a fantasy as far back as 1 year ago. Perhaps when you are a parent, you will understand.</p>

<p>The “massive blood clot” is completely off topic. Again, if he is excited about it, let him go on these forums and talk to people.</p>

<p>I’m going to stop posting on this thread. It was completely unnecessary to make it.</p>

<p>What the heck, wallrus? There are people out there who would kill to have a father who cares about their future, like PsychoDad does for his son. PsychoDad doesn’t appear overbearing in the slightest; he asked a question about his son’s application to college, nothing crazy. It is not obvious from this post that he is obsessing any more than an average parent, nor is he preventing his son from doing anything. Stop trying to vilify him for whatever parental control issues you personally have.</p>

<p>Ryan- walrus isn’t any older than my son, so what he says is useless. I should have checked his profile before responding, because it makes no sense trying to rationalize to a teenager who has no life experience.</p>

<p>I’m hardly older than your son, but I like to think what I say is not useless, and that I can be rationalized with :(</p>

<p>Sounds elitist claiming that younger people have no rational voice.</p>

<p>I find that you are obsessing because the answer is pretty simple: the interviewer enjoyed your kid. Yet, you feel inclined to be posting on this forum, trying to interpret any little thing you can get from the post card. That sounds pretty obsessive. </p>

<p>Through all of your “life experience,” I would think you could interpret a post card saying that the interview went well. What are other possibilities that it could mean other than the interview going well?</p>

<p>…I think everyone on here has been or is obsessive in some way or another. We all know that nothing anyone says will determine our futures but it’s somewhat comforting to hear others’ affirmative opinions. I think the post card is a positive thing and I hope your son will be my classmate :)</p>

<p>Psychodad, come on over to the parents’ forum, class of 2013 thread! We ask all kinds of questions there without anyone minding! My D got a very nice postcard also after interviewing; they do seem standard and I would not read much into it.</p>