Postponed transfers

<p>Any more of you out there? I'm a little confused.. does anyone know if showing a 3.0 as they requested for the spring semester guarentees admission? They stated they needed it in order to "make a decision on your acceptance." I feel like if that was not the case, a rejection would have been sent. </p>

<p>And with this being said, what comes of housing? It will be so late in the process that I am worried it will impact my ability to attend the University, being out of state and not knowing anyone.</p>

<p>And transfer credit? I am taking summer classes to apply towards my degree and it would be a huge bummer if they ended up being non-transferrable..</p>

<p>Ah! ha, anyone else?</p>

<p>I am in the same position you are, and I have talked to a few different people about the situation. An admission counselor told me that sending in fall grades with a 3.0 will guarentee acceptance, and anything lower will have to be reviewed to determine what will happen</p>

<p>Great, thanks :) I should have well above that so that's good to hear.</p>

<p>Also- as a little ray of hope for anyone.. I got postponed/rejected as a freshman. Never give up</p>

<p>Yeah, I was rejected as a freshman, and now should be ready for my sophmore year at UW. If you get denied at first, just work hard and you can earn a spot here, don't give up on it.</p>

<p>A few follow up questions if anyone knows...</p>

<p>How does UW treat transfer credits? If it helps I'm a bio major so courses like intro bio/chem, calc, etc. Are they lenient or more on the strict side, generally speaking?</p>

<p>Also.. is it difficult to override into a course as a transfer with late admission? Courses for my major are filled up right now which I am somewhat concerned about.</p>


<p>I am in an identical situation summer. I emailed transfer advisors and am still waiting to hear back! Let me know if you hear anything yourself. Im a late admit, and the finance classes are filling up fast. They only gave me an estimate on the transfer credit amount on my admissions letter. For all I know its 60 credits of general credit! Not sure how they expect students to commit to the university if the full report comes only at SOAR, which is too late in the admissions game to cancel and go to another school.</p>

<p>Summer, when are you able to send in your spring grades to UW? I am sending mine this coming Wednesday via E-mail so they can accept me as a “temporary admit” so I can start getting on these housing issues.</p>

<p>Be sure to read any fine print in private housing contracts. You want to be sure you can get out of one if the school transfer doesn’t go through. A signed lease may be enforced even if you are not a student- an expensive proposition.</p>

<p>Well they told me as long as I E-mail them my unofficial transcript, and send it in asap that it wouldn’t be a problem. I suppose that would be a worst case scenario with the housing contract, but from what the counselor has told me I think its going to be okay</p>

<p>I was referring to any off-campus housing you may be interested in, not Res Halls.</p>

<p>The ‘private’ res halls have a binding agreement starting June 1st, I believe. If you try and cancel after that good luck. Even if you aren’t going to UW.</p>

<p>I received the same e-mail about e-mailing my spring grades… I’m starting to debate whether it would be a better decision to get housing off campus? Have you considered that at all?</p>

<p>Anyone worried about transfer credits who is coming from a UW system school should check out the UW Transfer Wizard: [UW</a> Transfer Information System | Credit Transfer Wizards](<a href=“]UW”></p>

<p>It works really well and I was able to accurately predict not only how many credits would transfer but also what classes. When I got my official transfer credit report there were no surprises.</p>