Potential first paragraph here

<p>I've been struggling with finding a topic. I think maaaybe this one will work, but it would be great if someone could tell me if it has any chance of working. Thanks, just any and all passing thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!</p>

<p>Also: fyi, i just took twenty minutes at work writing this in excel...</p>

<p>I have grown up in the heart of the largest metropolitan area in the country--the "Big Apple," the "Capital of the World." Two months of each year, however, Bottineau, a perfectly isolated farming town in northern North Dakota becomes my home. For this I consider myself lucky: escaping the urgency, anonymity, and elitism of New York City for significant portions of my childhood is a boon that few of my friends share. As removed from "civilization" as our tract in the cornfields often feels, I have come to realize that the citified life breeds isolation too, only in a less recognizable guise. My two lives, incomprehensibly distant in environment, have merged to offer me perspective few of New York City's eighteen million or Bottineau's two thousand have.</p>

<p>I like it. Where do YOU see it going?</p>

<p>One potential direction I thought of is the following:</p>

<p>A couple years ago I started, with some of my friends, a microfinance non-profit, and ever since I have been extremely interested in "social business" and the idea of aiming not only for monetary profit but social profit, as well. I could talk about how NY is all about finance while ND is all about community, and how the synthesis of these two environments has led to my interest....maybe?</p>

<p>Yes, I definitely see some potential in that. Why don't you go ahead and write it and if you're unhappy with a first draft, there's no one to say that you can't change your topic. :) Good luck!</p>